Alternative Investments

Are you looking to invest in something a bit little different? Something to diversify your current investment portfolio? Every investors needs are different – whether you are looking for high returns, guaranteed income, explosive capital growth or simply to spread your investment capital to hedge against current market conditions – alternative investments often the key. Over the coming months we will be bringing you the latest alternative investments on offer from around the globe.

Starting with a fantastic timber investment, (below) we will be adding a number of investment opportunities including;

  • Storage Space
  • Car Parks
  • Agricultural Investments
  • Carbon Credits
  • Rare Metals and many more Alternative Investments Section is soon to become the only place to find your next investment, outside of property.

Timber Investment 16%-24% net yields

The Best Genuine Timber Investment 16%-24% net yields

Created to exploit market demand for timber and with an expert team of agricultural, energy, environmental and forestry professionals, European leaders and pioneers in paulownia timber plantations across Europe, we offer an unrivalled support framework.

We are pleased to offer for sale what we believe to be the best timber investment opportunity with excellent net yields and defined exit strategies. We actively encourage investors to join one of our educational tours in Valencia to fully understand this excellent opportunity.

Now is the time to be investing in paulownia timber plantations, a timber for which demand far exceeds supply. We have flexible options to suit investors at all levels from €16,000 to €2 million. Choose between new plantations and those which have already been established for 3-4 years.

Assured internal rate of return between 16% and 24%. The longer you hold the investment, the greater the returns.

Defined exit strategies and contracts signed with a number of multinational companies including the award winning Rossignol ski company.

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Investing in Rare Earth Metals: Could This Be The New Gold?

“Rare-earth prices have jumped as Chinese export quotas crimped worldwide supplies for the elements used in the manufacture of disk drives, wind turbines and smart bombs”

Bloomberg 2012

Rare Earth metals are a group of elements used in extensively high tech applications such as mobile phones, laptops and more recently green energy such as wind turbines and hybrid cars. Industry experts have commentated calling them the “fourth most important natural resource” without which 20 years of technological innovation would not have been possible.

The supply of these metals is dominated by two major factors:

  1. China controlling 95% of supply through quotas and export restrictions.
  2. Lack of other producing profitable rare earth mines.

The demand is largely consumer driven with the thirst for the latest technology be it the next smartphone or laptop, and secondly, the need for the world to go green and the use of low carbon technology hence ramping up production of wind turbines and hybrid cars which also use rare earth metals.

Demand is far greater than the supply of these metals which has led to sharp price rises (in some case, triple digits, Dysprosium oxide increased 338%) from which shrewd investors have made explosive gains!

Reasons to Invest

  1. Take advantage of demand and supply imbalance to lock in substantial profits.
  2. Rapidly growing market which is set to triple in value by 2014
  3. Portfolio diversification; precious metals are a good store of wealth.
  4. Armchair investment: metals are held in bond and fully insured and underwritten by Lloyds of London.
  5. You can take physical ownership, as Rare earth metals are a tangible asset.