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Sometimes I like to indulge myself in a little daydreaming. For many years I've worked in the investment market, telling others how to best invest their wealth or managing portfolios for some of the richest people in the world.

Now, while there's no denying that it gives you a kick to spend someone else's money, it ain't so great if you happen to lose some of it! That's the nature of the game however - win some, lose some - life's a gamble.

Expert Agent Interview: Emerging Property - Magdalena Pecheanu

Emerging Property are an experienced investment property consultancy based in London and Dubai. Operating for close to a decade and have a comprehensive team of professionals in marketing, business development, research and sales.

Expert Agent Interview: Barre's Property Trading - Carlos Barres

Barre's Property Trading, Ltd was founded by Mr Carlos J. Barres M in February 2001.

The knowledge, training and experience that Carlos Barres acquired during his many years spent training and trading in the United States enabled him to consider various business platforms, resulting in his absolute conviction that real estate business management must be global, and not local, thus Barre's Property Trading was born.

Expert Agent Interview: Asset Folio - Thomas Harper

Thomas Harper from Asset Folio talks to us about the intricacies of investing in one of the world’s most luxurious places, the importance of knowing your customer and how the market has changed over the past 14 years. voted no.16 in The Top 100 Real Estate Blogs voted no.16 in The Top 100 Real Estate Blogs

News just in, has been voted no.16 in The Top 100 Real Estate Blogs.

Upon hearing the news General Manager for Oisin Mac Giolla Chuda said;

"We are extremely honored and proud to have made the top 20! There are hundreds and thousands of real estate blogs out there which we compete with on a daily basis, and we work extremely hard to ensure we provide the best content for everyone involved in the real estate world; from buyers and sellers, to agents and developers ensuring they each have the essential information and marketing tools to make the best decisions."

The battle to be the biggest

The battle to be the biggest Construction in the Middle East is currently undergoing a battle to be the biggest or rather to have the "tallest" building in the world. Infographic

Mark's Movember for AfriKids

Movember, for those who might not have heard of it before is traditionally the annual event of growing moustaches for the month of November to raise money for men's health issues. This month our very own senior accounts manager Mark Courtney is growing "a humongous moustache" but for a very different cause, to raise awareness for AfriKids, his charity of choice.

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Dominican Republic

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Dominican RepublicThe Dominican Republic is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a heavily 'chilled-out' vibe draws tourists like a magnet to the birthplace of ultra-quickstep dance, the merengue

Expert Agent Interview: VRATZATA - Ancer consult Ltd

Viktor from Vratzata Estate Agency in Bulgaria tells why thousands are flocking to purchase property in this increasingly popular destination.

Fun Facts about Munich's Oktoberfest

Fun Facts about Munich's OktoberfestWith the 181st Oktoberfest kicking off on 20th September, the first fun fact about this world-famous beer festival is that it doesn't take place in October. Here are some facts you may not have known about Oktoberfest:

Top 10 Most Scorching Property Hotspots in the World

Top 10 Most Scorching Property Hotspots in the World

Throughout the global economic crisis and the recessions that followed, seasoned investors have been adding tangible assets to their portfolios to protect their capital.

The world's most popular tangible asset is property and in recent years, with prices tumbling to well below peak levels, it's been very much a buyer's market for quite some time.

What's in a Name?: The Incredible Stories Behind 10 Country Names

What's in a Name?: The Incredible Stories Behind 10 Country Names

Have you ever wondered how the Solomon Islands got their name? America? Barbados? Wonder no more and take a look at our countdown…

Home Turf: Properties of the Brazilian Internationals

Home Turf: Properties of the Brazilian InternationalsAs Brazil prepares to stage 'the greatest show on earth', we take a look at the homes that belong to some of the host nation's most famous footballing stars.

Top Ten Tips and Tricks for First Time Home Buyers

Top Ten Tips and Tricks for First Time Home BuyersThere are many things to be aware of when preparing to buy your first home: take a look at our top tips and tricks before you start house hunting.

Expert Agent Interview: Elite Realty Dubai

Our current ‘Elite’ team collectively has over 50 years’ experience in Real Estate and Customer Service Industries and we believe working as ‘ONE’ and not as separate entities benefit our clients best interest, so we work together to achieve our goals and therefore achieving yours to buy or sell your Dubai Property. When you choose to use Elite Realty's services you are choosing our ‘team’ and not one individual and you can be assured that you not only have selected the best Dubai Real Estate Agency but the most ethical and well trained ‘team’ you can find. Our reputation for discretion assures that our clients retain their privacy and confidentiality setting standards above the rest.

Upcoming sporting events make Brazil 'one of the most exciting property markets in the world'

Aided by its status as host country for two of the most high profile sporting events in the world, Brazil is emerging as ‘one of the world's most exciting emerging property markets’, according to recent reports. As the country prepares to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, experts predict that the Brazilian property market will enjoy increased activity with investors hoping to benefit from elevated levels of tourism by purchasing buy to let properties in the country to rent to spectators.

Expert Agent Interview: Sea Saran

Sea Saran Condominium is developed by Sisaran Development Co., Ltd. leading developer of off-plan condominium developments on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard. Sisaran has over 25 years of property development experience managing and developing world class condominium developments. With a focus on value and customer satisfaction Sisaran prides itself on delivering excellence to all of it's stakeholders.

Expert Agent Interview: Leapfrog Properties

Leapfrog Properties is a developer of luxury health resorts and Spas in France. The properties and facilities they build are aimed at the wealthier international and French market and are designed to incorporate luxury living with solid investment returns for the owners.

Expert Agent Interview: The Real Estate Agency En Murcia SL

Fastighetsbyran was established in Sweden back in 1966, and today has around 250 offices and 1,400 employees. They have been in Spain since 2008, and are currently setting up a network of offices along the Mediterranean coast, in Mallorca and the Canary Islands.

The Silent Cinema

At the end of the – aptly named – Dusti Road on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and just 12 miles from the popular resort of Sharm El-Sheikh there lies a wholly unexpected sight.  Row upon row of wooden seats

Hermit vs NYC Real Estate Tycoons

Real estate of virtually any description in New York City is an invaluable commodity, but some NY addresses are more invaluable than others. 15 Central Park West is just one such address. Overlooking Central Park, the building is now one of the most exclusive locations in the city and an array of celebrities inhabit the luxury apartments within the development. Yet before 15 CPW could become such a desirable location, the developers would have to engage in a lengthy battle with Herbert Sukenik – an inhabitant of one of the tiny rent-controlled apartments that previously occupied the space within the building.

Party in the USA - Have They Killed It?

Party in the USA - Have They Killed It?Spring breakers and other revellers could be on the search for a new stomping ground if potential Floridian legislation comes into effect banning homeowners from advertising their Miami Beach residences as 'party houses' to let. Just last week a preliminary vote by the City Commission passed a motion that could see advertisements for 'party houses' become violations of Miami 'city code' and a second vote in favour of this motion could see the proposed ruling become a bona fide piece of legislation in the Floridian city.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Spanish Property Market

From the glory days of the Spanish property market in 2004, to the year Spain's economy is set to grow 2014

A slice of recent movie history for sale

Following last week's blog post that explored the subject of veteran movie homes for sale, this week we take a look at their young pretenders. For those who can't move into the exact house that featured in their favourite movie, the answer, apparently, is to simply to create their own replicas …

Movie Stars For Sale

Movie memorabilia is big business, but for those who still can't get enough of their favourite films buying a slice of movie history in the form of one of the property movie stars of the big screen may go some way to satisfy their appetites.

2014 - Phoenix Year for Real Estate

2014 - Phoenix Year for Real EstateWith housing markets around the globe finally beginning to show real signs of recovery after the crisis of 2008, experts are touting 2014 as a "phoenix" year for real estate in which property prices will rise from the depths, continuing the positive trend that started to emerge in a number of countries in late 2013.

Why England Will Lose To South Africa In The Rugby World Cup Final

If an octopus can predict the future for football, can property do the same for Rugby? Leading international property portal has looked at the year’s greatest sporting event in terms of international property data. To date they have correctly predicted the results of 90% of the tournament’s group games.

Spain Cuts New Build Property Taxes

Last week, Spain announced a temporary reduction in tax on new-build properties – from 8% to 4% in a bid to stimulate the sale of unsold new properties across the country...

Top 4 Property Investments of 2011

The world’s economy may be all over the place at the moment, but this does not in any way mean that there is not still plenty of money out there for the making in the property market. It is now about four years since the financial problems first begin radiating out from the USA and most markets are still trying their very best to find their feet again.

However, by turning attention away from domestic shores when it comes to property investments, it soon becomes clear that some of the greatest hopes the world currently has for growth and prosperity lie in what would have until recently been described as modestly developing nations.

Acquiring Real Estate

Real estate you will invest in should be situated in proximity of transportation systems and in walking distance of a good number of local shops and services. It is essential to purchase the correct house or apartment for the market. It is beneficial to be patient and to discover the representative tenant in the selected region and the expected amount of rent they would pay. As soon as you have identified a probable type of renter, select properties that will fit this type.