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Search for Property in Cape VerdeThe Cape Verde Property section provides a list of our property for sale in Cape Verde, here you can view pictures of the new developments and off plan property in Cape Verde.

Investment Property in Cape Verde

Investment Property in Cape Verde

A look at why Cape Verde has become one of the world's hottest locations for property investment. View our current investment opportunities in Cape Verde.

Guide to Property in Cape Verde

Guide to Property in Cape VerdeA comprehensive guide to the Cape Verde archipeligo including facts and figures about Cape Verde, the history of Cape Verde and other useful information and statistics.

Property News in Cape Verde

Property News in Cape Verde

Keep up to date with all the latest property and investment news and articles about Cape Verde. Provided by and carefully selected sources from around the world.

Investment Research in Cape Verde

Investment Research in Cape Verde

Look at some of the economic and natural reasons why Cape Verde is currently one of the Worlds top investment hot-spots. Cape Verde property investment has a huge attraction for investors and here you can learn why.

Investment Locations

Investment Locations

We feature other International property locations and investment property hot-spots in addition to Cape Verde. Here you can select the search for your perfect International property.

Dream homes at dream prices in a stunning location.

Purchasers of Cape Verde real estate can buy beautiful beach-front property at prices that are simply unobtainable in most other locations. Cape Verde Property offers a potential investor an amazing opportunity to invest early in a truly virgin property investment market. Investors in Cape Verde real estate can purchase beautiful beach front property at prices simply unobtainable in most other locations. To the home-buyer or buyers looking for a holiday home, Cape Verde also called (Cabo Verde/Cape Verdi) offers the ability to purchase luxury property that may otherwise be beyond their financial means, to the property investor Cape Verde property is a prospect like no other.

The boxes below provides you with access to all the information you need to know about Cape Verde. The property in Cape Verde section lists the current real estate we have for sale on the Cape Verde Islands. The investment property in Cape Verde section looks at the investment potential in Cape Verde, while the guide to Cape Verde provides a guide to the islands of Cape/Cabo Verde.

Cape Verde Property Market - Overview

Cape Verde property development is currently in its very early stages but it is now the perfect time to invest in property on the Cape Verde islands, with property prices at an all-time low while the signs are very positive that this market will grow at an incredible rate, creating a new international tourist destination and bringing property prices to a level that is to be expected of such an ideal destination.

The Cape Verde islands are an area of stunning natural beauty with beaches comparable to the Caribbean islands while they offer an amazing year-round climate, making the area ideal for beach holidaymakers.

In time, as Cape Verde becomes better known and the development continues as already planned, providing a multitude of tourist facilities, the area is sure to become a popular tourist location. The Cape Verde property investor will soon find himself with a solid source of property clients for buy to let investments. Meanwhile, the price of beach-front property in Cape Verde will undoubtedly appreciate fast as the demand for property in this growing investment hotspot grows.

Existing tourism - a positive sign for investors

Purchasers who invest in emerging markets are looking to find a reassuring balance between purchasing property at the lowest possible price and minimising risk.

As in all emerging markets, the best investment strategies for Cape Verde generally advise early investment to take advantage of substantial gains when the area becomes established and demand for property and rental accommodation increases. In Cape Verde prices remain very competitive for the best locations, while developers still seek to secure beach-front land for large scale development.

Positive signs of development are on the increase in the islands. While there is little infrastructure currently in place, there are strong indications of an emerging tourism boom to come shortly. This section is designed to give potential buyers a feel for the current and projected status of tourism on the islands before looking to purchase an Investment Property in Cape Verde.

A recent survey carried out in the United Kingdom shows that Cape Verde stands at the top of the list of new tourist destinations chosen by the British to spend their holidays. This trend seems to be continuing according to local and international tourist agencies and further strengthens potential for profits to be made from property investment on the islands.

Cape Verde Property Investment

Described as the "New Canary Islands" many experts have been predicting Cape Verde to be a major holiday destination for the UK and European markets. However, with the inclusion of the Cape Verde islands in the recent broadcast of BBC1's 'Holiday 2005' programme, predictions are now beginning to become a certainty.

Already proving popular, with rooms that are fully booked for a considerable period. This is seen as a very positive sign of progress and a clear indication of things to come. In the very near future, when the supporting infrastructure is complete, the area is set to see significant economic growth.

Currently travel time to Cape Verde from London is approximately 7 hours via Lisbon, Portugal. However with the recent opening of the Cape Verde International Airport in Praia on the island of Santiago, direct flights to Cape Verde from the UK will begin services from October 2006 and will reduce travel time to around 5.5 hours. Due to the huge increase in tourism across Cape Verde, property will be high in demand . This will consist of holiday homes, rental accommodation and retirement real estate.

Land for sale, Cape Verde - Plots Of Land For Development From Large Resorts To Single Villas

Land for sale in Cape Verde is also an interesting proposition for investors. Currently price per metre/acre is highly competitive. However the price of each plot of land is set to dramatically increase as the various developments progress and the supporting infrastructure changes are implemented. It is recommended that people who are interested in investment in Cape Verde land to purchase as soon as possible as the increasing demand is starting to slowly elevate prices.

We are in a position to offer land plots of varying sizes to both buyers looking to build their own villa' and also to property developers looking to construct large resorts, we have access to beach fron land on most Islands.

IPIN (IPIN Global) is designed to help investors of all levels to find the best and safest investment opportunities, maximising our members (join IPIN for free and view our selected Cape Verde property investment opportunities) chances of achieving the best return on investment from Cape Verde property purchases.

Homebuyers in Cape Verde

Most searches for Cape Verde property are for the island of Sal which is the most popular tourist centre at present. The capital island of Santiago is a popular destination for visitors investigating the possibility of purchasing in Cape Verde. Other current investment locations include the islands of Maio and Boa Vista.

For now it is international property investors who are most excited about the possibilities that investment property in Cape Verde offers and they are enjoying a brand new, unparalleled investment opportunity.

As Cape Verde enjoys excellent year-round weather, it offers British and European visitors the closest tropical island destination to their home country. Active promotion of the Republic may well bring with it a greater flow of interest and result in a property market that offers those who invest early the greatest return on investment.

Cape Verde Property Hotspots

Most searches for Cape Verde property are for the Sal island which is home to the most active tourism at present. The largest island is Santiago island and is popular with visitors researching the Cape Verde islands. Other popular searches are for property opportunities on Maio island and Boa Vista island.

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