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International investors in Dominican Republic property are currently making the most of the island’s low prices and high growth predictions. Find out more below.

Our Investment Opportunities

Our Investment Opportunities

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Research And Information

Research And Information

Take a look at why the Dominican Republic is becoming so popular with property investors. Here you can study what is fueling the investment boom and what the predictions are for its future.

Real estate in the Dominican Republic now offers the investment features expected by today’s exacting overseas buyers.

Strong economic growth (GDP growth 8.5% est. 2007), year on year is an immediately positive sign to investors, as is the government’s proactive intent to increase tourism to the island which is targeted to grow some 3.4% p.a. until 2017.

Additionally, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been on the increase, up from $1.02bn in 2005 to $1.18bn in 2006 and then 1.39bn in 2007, with 2008 predicted to be well over 2 billion dollars. Such investment is evident in the Free Trade Zones around the country as well as new real estate projects, with obvious positive effects on the nation’s economy at large. Some of the international business giants on the island now include Wal-Mart, and famous hotel groups such as Four Seasons, Conrad, Fairmont and Ritz Carlton

Major construction is underway to produce luxury beachside resort complexes catering for the exacting needs of 21st century tourism. With current property prices still lower than much of the rest of the Caribbean, The Dominican Republic still offers investors a lot more for your money. This, combined with a relatively low cost of living, makes the Dominican Republic a very attractive location for holidaymakers and investors alike.

IPIN Global and the Dominican Republic operates an International Property Investment Member Network (IPIN) that is highly regarded for sourcing carefully selected investment property in the Dominican Republic, including land sourcing for its members.

Members are able to gain access to advice and research on investment in the Dominican Republic from our experts. IPIN will identify the most lucrative opportunities currently available in the Dominican and carefully tailor them to your investment requirements.

Why Invest in the Dominican Republic?

Affordable tropical sun and easy access via low-cost routes from the US makes the Dominican Republic the natural choice for real estate investors.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • Largest of the Caribbean islands, avoiding the sense of being restricted to a small island
  • Sunning and varied natural beauty with 869 miles of spectacular beaches as well as the highest Caribbean mountain and tropical forests
  • Average year-round temperatures of 25°C
  • Friendly nature of the Dominican population
  • Vibrant cities with historic and cultural appeal
  • Easy access via direct flights from many international airports

Economic Factors

  • Property price returns of 20% per annum in some locations and predicted to rise.
  • Low cost of living and favourable exchange rate with Euro and USD
  • Inflation is dropping (5.8% in 2008, down from 8.2% the previous year)
  • Under the 2008 – 2012 Tourism Plan, a massive 5 million annual visitors are targeted for 2012, meaning renewed demand for tourist accommodation
  • Free trade zones mean investment from large multinationals, further endorsing the potential of the nation

Land for Development/Project Sourcing

IPIN Global and offer members a comprehensive source of information regarding the newest land investment deals available in the Dominican Republic. IPIN endeavours to find you the earliest and best investment property in the Dominican before they become general knowledge.

Members will be offered valuable assistance and contacts in the setting up of joint ventures within our network of carefully vetted developers or partners. Due to a recent increase in worldwide property investment, IPIN and constantly make contact with a growing number of large-scale individual investors and investment consortiums who are constantly on the lookout for the best land investment options in the Dominican Republic.

Please see our land/development project consultancy service for more information.


Many factors attract investors to the Dominican Republic: fantastic scenery and a better climate than in many other worldwide locations, the lower cost of real estate, and a tranquil lifestyle are the main attractions, as are capital appreciation, currently around 20% p.a. and ease of international access via budget airlines and the island’s international airports.

Shrewd Caribbean investors are making the most the Dominican Republic’s low entry prices. Enticing guaranteed rental deals, along with accelerating capital growth mean strong returns for the future.

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