Investment Property In Egypt

Shrewd investors are buying early into investment property in Egypt, an emerging property market with exciting investment potential.

Our Investment Opportunities

Our Investment Opportunities

IPIN members can view our recommended investment opportunities available in Egypt as well as other regions of the world.
These investments have been carefully selected by our expert advisors.

Research And Information

Research And Information

Research why Egypt is now becoming such a popular location with property investors. Here you can learn what is fueling the investment boom and view information that will allow you to assess the future of the investment property market in Egypt.

With a growing economy and major developments in the tourism sector, Egypt satisfies the requirements of many discerning property investors today.

Forward thinking government policies and a solid infrastructure are making Egypt the next property and tourism hotspot. With high capital returns of up to 30% per annum in key locations, the investment climate in Egypt is widely regarded as a promising one.

Due to recent reforms, the process of property purchase in Egypt has been streamlined, facilitating property purchase for overseas buyers and focusing investors' attention on Egypt as a prime investment location.

IPIN Global and Egypt operates an International Property Investment Member Network (IPIN). Highly regarded for sourcing carefully selected Egypt property investments, it also includes valuable land sourcing services for its members.

In addition, members can access advice and research from our experts on investment propertyin Egypt. IPIN will identify the most lucrative opportunities currently available in Egypt and match them to your particular investment requirements.

Why Invest in Egypt?

Egypt today offers a solid economic climate in which to invest. An emerging property market in key tourist locations is already offering excellent returns on investment and shrewd investors are eager to get involved, while prices remain stunningly low.

Natural and Cultural Factors

  • Warm desert climate with year-round sunshine and average temperatures of between 14 and 30°C.
  • Great natural beauty with fantastic scenery - stunning white sandy beaches, coral reefs and desert landscapes, giving rise to great recreational activities.
  • Rich cultural and historical interest, dating back some five thousand years.
  • Friendly nature of the Egyptian people, many of whom speak some English.
  • Easy access via direct flights from many international airports. At only 5 hours journey time, Egypt is the number one medium haul tourist destination from Europe.

Economic Factors

  • Property price returns of up to 30% per annum in some locations.
  • Low cost of living and very low property prices.
  • Strong economic growth in recent years (GDP 4.5% in 2005).
  • Government reforms and incentives for foreign investment, making the property investment process easier than ever before.
  • Strong growth in the tourist industry due to increased air services, modernization of amenities and luxury resorts under construction.

Land for Development/Project Sourcing

IPIN Global and offer their members a comprehensive source of information regarding the newest land investment opportunities available in Egypt. IPIN is always careful to source you the best land investments in Egypt before they become general knowledge.

Members can receive valuable assistance and contacts in the setting up of joint ventures within our network. All developers or partners are carefully vetted by us before they join the network. Due to the a boom in worldwide property investment in general, IPIN and are in constant contact with a growing number of large scale or individual investors, as well as investment consortiums, all of whom are constantly on the look out for the best land investment options in Egypt.

Please see our land/development project consultancy service.


All indications show that investment property in Egypt is now a highly beneficial market in which to invest. While the tourist infrastructure and economic climate is constantly improving in Egypt, we would urge investors to catch this market at the very beginning, while prices remain incredibly low and high returns on investment are there for the taking.

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