Overseas property investment for retirement
By Danny Bance

Overseas retirement boosted by improved flights

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The increased availability of better air travel is helping fuel an increase in overseas retirement, giving many property investors the opportunity to fly abroad at their own convenience.

Research carried out by Saga suggests that the availability of good long-haul flights is making retirement in supposedly "far flung" destinations more of a reality for many Brits, taking advantage of better global air travel links.

A spokesperson for Saga highlights a range of destinations as showing new signs of popularity, including South Africa, New Zealand and China.

"A third of the over 50s were more concerned today about the quality and length of their holiday than they were when they were younger," she commented.

More people are choosing to fly further afield because they can fly in a better class or stay in a more "luxury", she said.

Investors Provident reports that locations such as Morocco and Egypt are becoming increasingly popular among UK investors, offering cheaper property and relatively quick returns.
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