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As an increasingly popular tourist destination and a member of the EU, Italy offers a solid climate for property investment. Current low prices and improved air access makes it a very attractive destination amongst holiday makers and investors alike.

Our Investment Opportunities

Our Investment Opportunities

Our recommended investment options are available to IPIN members. Our expert advisors carefully select the best investment property in Italy and all over the world.

Research And Information

Research And Information

Learn about investment property in Italy. IPIN Global could help you build a successful investment portfolio in Italy.

A well established property investment market offering high growth potential in many locations.

The Italian Property Investment section offers you carefully selected investment property in Italy through IPIN Global that allows our members access to the latest options and investor reports.

IPIN Global And Italy

IPIN is dedicated to doing the research for its investors, seeking out the very latest and best investment options in Italy. IPIN ensures your investment returns are optimized through wise decisions in the correct market to suit your particular requirements, whether it is in a buy-to-let situation with a guaranteed rental agreement or a pure investment plan.

Why Invest in Italy?

Italy is an enchanting country of colour and contrast. Magnificent architecture, great food and wine, inspiring arts, classic hilltop towns all continue to entice visitors every year…

Natural And Cultural Factors

  • Abundance of culture, history and magnificent architecture.
  • Stunning variation in natural beauty, from lakes, mountains and lush vegetation to rugged or sandy beaches.
  • Warm Mediterranean climate.
  • Recreational activities to cater for all needs, from skiing, hiking or beach holidays to sightseeing and cultural activities.
  • Dream lifestyle, modern systems and friendly people make Italy an easy relocation destination.

Economic Factors

  • No capital gains tax on profits from investment property in Italy, creating maximum returns on investment.
  • Possibility to cut purchase costs in half by becoming a resident.
  • Prices remain relatively low, compared to many EU destinations.
  • Capital growth of 20% per year in some locations. Many new markets in Italy still remain undiscovered and ripe for investment.
  • Possibility to renovate beautiful old Italian houses into fabulous residences that earn high rent in peak season.
  • Italy is at the hub of the low cost flights revolution, forever enhancing its strong tourist industry.
  • The Italian government offers investors grants to reform rural.
  • Italy has pioneered property tax reforms, offering great opportunities for the rural renovator, including substantial VAT discounts.
  • EU member country.
  • Economic and political security.
  • Only 2 ¼ hours direct flying time from UK.

Land for Development/Project Sourcing and IPIN (IPIN Global) fulfills an important mission: to source and advise members about the very latest and best land deals currently available in Italy. We operate a trusted network of developers, agents and partners who are dedicated to providing our investors with valuable local knowledge, language skills and legal and technical knowledge relevant to property investment in Italy. IPIN has close contacts with a number of large scale investors who constantly seek an opportunity to take advantage of the latest investment hotspots of the world.

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Italy’s booming and ever expanding tourist industry is a clear indicator of a healthy investment climate. Latest price rises in key locations of Italy were around 22% last year while Italian property remains relatively cheap compared with many other EU countries.

Flying to Italy has been revolutionized by budget airlines, so wherever you choose to invest, your property will be readily accessible. Variety in property type and prices are an added advantage, making Italy an ideal investment for a second or holiday home destination. A gradual move away from the more popular destinations towards some more hidden investment hotspots is the current trend while today property in southern regions such as Calabria is well regarded as a highly promising investment.

Further information and resources

Research And Information

Here you can view some useful research information and articles on investment property in Italy and how the latest Italian off-plan properties can prove to be excellent options for property investors.

Why Invest in Italy?

There are many advantages of investment property in Italy. Learn here what Italy has to offer from an investment point of view.

Off-plan Property in Italy

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Italy Property Investment Strategies

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Financing an Italian Property Investment

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Tax Planning For Your Property Investment in Italy

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IPIN Global

IPIN Global selects the very best investment property in Italy and around the world and makes them available to IPIN members.

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