Marrakech is a "significant" property market
By Steve Binge

Marrakech is a "significant" property market

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The increase in Moroccan tourism has turned Marrakech in particular into a property hotspot, according to a property expert.

Some 4.5 million tourists have visited the country since 2001 and is seeking to increase that to 6.5 by 2010, reports

Rob Shaw, marketing and operations manager for Morocco Properties, told the website that Marrakech was a centre for business, tourism and culture that was attracting investors, visitors and people who wanted to live there permanently.

"It is my personal opinion that Morocco, particularly Marrakech, will become a long-term favourite with those from the UK," he said.

He added that it was easily competing with Brazil and Turkey as an overseas property hotspot, partly due to its ease of access and flight time from the UK, and developments including quality hotels, sports and leisure facilities and an indoor market.

Investors Provident director, Hetal Shah, said that Morocco was a "highlight" for property investment and people were becoming more adventurous investors.
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