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Is Dubai Really Back?

In terms of publicity, hype, glitz and glamour Dubai was the hottest property market in the world during the hottest global property boom the world has ever seen. But it was a victim of its own success and ambition as developers got carried away building the most prestigious and impressive resorts, hotels and architectural feats in the world that they forgot about the very basics of supply and demand.   
15 November 2012

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Dubai still on the crest of a wave for waterfront living

Worldwide real estate company unveils prestigious Maritime development in Dubai...   
11 December 2008

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Take a Fresh Look at Investment Opportunities in 'the New York of Dubai' is pleased to announce unrivalled investment projects in Dubai, in partnership with the International Property Investment Network (IPIN)....   
01 September 2008

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Ajman - A New Dubai?

Apartments at Ajman’s ‘The Cavendish’ have been highlighted by the International Property Investment Network (IPIN) as an ideal opportunity to profit from the high capital appreciation that this small emirate now offers. Strong demand for property and a favourable tax-free investment arena are truly reminiscent of neighbouring Dubai. Today’s investors in Ajman expect to see the same kind of returns as those who bought at the right time in Dubai back in 2002.   
20 June 2008

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Outstanding Location at Bermuda Views, Dubailand

Beautiful one and two bedroom apartments at Bermuda Views form part of the colossal Dubailand sports and lifestyle project. The development sits within Dubailand’s equally awe-inspiring Sports City, making these units strong investment options within one of Dubai’s most prestigious complexes.   
07 April 2008

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