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How the Rupee Fall against the US Dollar (Infographic)

The info graphic has been developed keeping in mind the fall of rupee against the dollar.   
03 October 2013

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5 Ways To Pick The Right Investment Property

Investing in real estate can be a wise financial decision, but both new and experienced real estate investors understand the importance of selecting the right property to invest in....   
01 October 2013

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Townhomes The Hidden Gems Of Miami's Property Boom

Florida property consultancy Colordarcy highlighted this week that Miami townhomes have become an affordable and profitable way for savvy buy-to-let investors to benefit from the spectacular housing recovery in Miami....   
19 September 2013

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Top Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time To Invest In Vacation Property?

Investing in a vacation property is a wise decision for many people, but as with any type of real estate purchase, you may benefit from trying to time the market carefully. Real estate is a major purchase, and the ideal time to...   
09 September 2013

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Effectively Reducing Your Property Tax Bill

Property taxes can add hundreds of dollars a month to your house payment. Based on the value of your home, you don’t want to pay too much in property taxes because your home is overvalued....   
09 May 2013

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