Chapter 6 - What is mapping the future for email marketing?

Published: 14 October 2014 (Last modified: 13 March 2015)

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Email marketing guide 6

What is mapping the future for email marketing?

Digital marketing methods, such as email marketing are expected to continue to develop, grow and produce the highest results in years to come, according to market trends.

The most prominent changes we’re seeing for the digital era at include:

  • Becoming more user friendly with responsive sites and tools. Mobile marketing is continuously developing to keep up with increased demand for mobile content to be viewed on any device
  • A more personalized approach. Learning from tracking and available data, to target only those interested prospective clients
  • Making marketing tactics more transparent by encouraging opt-in and allowing members to unsubscribe
  • Becoming more visual, using HTML, images and videos to captivate audiences with clear and understandable call to actions
  • Being more interactive to really engage audiences, by encouraging them to take action and give opinions (social media will play a role in this)
  • Honest, valuable and informative content, the more helpful your marketing material the more likely future audiences are to notice them

We have already touched on what can be done for many of these points, however for those we haven’t already covered, here’s what you need to know about what’s to come.

The rise in mobile

Reading emails is one of the most common online activities for mobile device owners; in fact the latest statistics from Litmus state that 47% of emails are now accessed via mobile.

Taking that into consideration, as a business if you are trying to appeal to as many customers as possible your content must be able to read easily despite the device being used.
However, despite the evident increase in mobile usage, according to Kissmetrics, only 2% of companies have an advanced mobile email marketing strategy.

At we believe that as the consumer market shifts to more digitally accessible content, especially when it comes to browsing for real estate, property businesses must consider choosing email marketing campaigns that appeal to the mobile market as their top priority.

Responsive Email Design

Responsive web design enables improved usability to the customer by allowing them to easily view content via numerous devices, such as on a smartphone, iPad or tablet, kindle, laptop and desktop computer.

What is responsive?

Responsive design simply refers to the way in which an email or webpage is built; they are constructed in a way that allows them to automatically adjust to fit the screen, regardless of the device being used. This in turn creates an ideal user experience for all users, on all devices.

With the recent rise in the number and varying screen size of devices we use from smartphones to tablets, laptops, netbooks and game consoles it’s no wonder this design method is an essential tool for property email marketing.

“Due to increasing mobile demand, has designed a fully mobile responsive website experience to make sure that our customers and subscribers receive the best possible user experience.”

New considerations when designing responsively

There is more to take into consideration when designing cross-platform campaigns.

Email designers must think about:

  • How readers will use their phone to navigate through their emails, usually only using their thumb as a scroller and to tap links, possibly only paying a few second of attention to each email before deciding on whether they want to carry on reading or not.
  • Readers could be using their device outdoors in bright light, therefore designers must consider if what looks good on a desktop computer seems long winded on a mobile phone.
  • Will the email take a long time to download images if a reader is using a slow network? If readers have their images disabled on their phone, does your email make sense without the images displayed?

Fear not, we specialize in answering these questions, and offer responsive design campaigns to ensure your email is formatted correctly to suit your specific company needs.

The power of personalized emails

Data mining is becoming increasingly important to fueling property marketing campaigns. Why? Because it enables real estate companies to better understand their customers.

Unique tools and services are continuously being designed to meet this marketing trend and accurately measure the way in which customers interact with email marketing in order to better serve them.

How does it work?

Companies gather a certain amount of data on their customers or subscribers, including where they live or what products interest them, and more. This means property professionals can begin to team email marketing with a segmented or targeted audiences and create a highly personalized message.

Not only does this improve the customer service aspect of your business by enabling you to communicate in a personalized, targeted manner, it builds trust and introduces quality as opposed to quantity marketing.

At we gather a huge amount of data from our database of just under 50,000 interested property investors and thousands of monthly website visitors.

Going social

The amount of time people spend on social networks is astonishing, Facebook has over 1.19 billion active users, and Twitter adds 300k users per day! That’s reason enough for brands to up their social game!

Not only that, social networks are great from a corporate perspective, they present creative and interactive ways for people to engage with brands in a social context. This means that if done correctly, you can’t market products and services without it seeming like advertising, allowing potential customers to engage with your brand on a personal basis and develop a relationship - so that when the time comes to buy your brand is already at the forefront of their minds.

At we encourage property businesses to provide embedded links or buttons for their various social media channels, therefore allowing them to provide another way for customers to actively engage with their brand by sharing, liking, tweeting etc. about the contents of the property email we send out.

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