Agents Act on Your Audience: Simplified Marketing Techniques

Published: 15 December 2014 (Last modified: 13 January 2015)

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Let’s face it, there’s no “one size fits all” for real estate marketing; and with so many different types of real estate agents available, all competing for business in the same place (by that I mean Google) standing out isn’t always easy.

So where to start?

How about, instead of trying to get everyone’s attention, just focusing on reaching the right customers for your business. Ask yourself, who is my target customer? Knowing your audience and catering your marketing efforts to your buyers’ needs, depending on whom and where they are, could not only help free up some time, but also give your sales a significant boost.

A good way to understand your customers’ needs is to understand what they might want from you, aside from the property itself.

Local agents

Buyers want to trust you know your stuff, from schools to medical facilities, plans for parks or new infrastructure. Writing otherwise known as content marketing is a great way to establish yourself as the expert in your local area. Create a blog and post regular updates on what’s happening in your area. Buyers will appreciate any information they can get and the more knowledgeable you come across the more likely they will be to choose you as their agent.

Overseas Agents

Buyers want to be able to see themselves in their new holiday home, their buying into a fantasy. That's why it's important to make a visual impact when it comes to buying abroad, it’s important for agents to create a viewing experience for prospective buyers. Convincing buyers from a far is a tough job, especially if a language barrier exists, meaning images are a hugely powerful tool for overseas agents, they provide a universal language and act as the first step in convincing them to get on a plane to see the property in the flesh. Having beautiful photos, videos, or virtual tours is a means of getting them to believe in the fantasy and opens up the possibility to consider the reality.

Online Agents
Buyers want to trust you. Online agents can come across as faceless and cold sometimes, meaning its more difficult for buyers to put their full trust in you. Therefore being open and transparent is really important, the more open you are, the more trustworthy you come across. And to make sure you (the online agent) don't come across as lacking personality, do some social networking. Social media is a great marketing tool, it allows you to inject a bit of character in to your brand and connect with people on a more personal level. Buyers want to be able to relate to the person behind the brand, therefore the more honest and personable you come across the better. Prospective buyers will often also check out your social channels before choosing to contact you, and by including your thoughts and opinions on your social channels you might sway them to choose you.

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