Are your emails calling your leads to action?

Published: 15 March 2016

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Calling Your Leads to Action

Are your emails calling your leads to action?

If you're in the habit of sending your new leads and prospects marketing emails you'll know the importance of getting them to click through to your website, but is your email call to action doing the job effectively?

The call to action, or CTA, is one of the most important factors when planning an effective marketing email. It's the statement that tells them what to do next and is usually the goal of your campaign. And no matter how compelling your subject matter or offering is, it is the call to action that will ultimately influence whether a recipient chooses to click through.

Imagine you email your prospect list with a fantastic discount, you tell them all about this great offer on your email and really sell it to them, but you don't tell them what to do next. Your prospects may open and read the email and find the offer of interest, but if you don't provide a clear next step for them to take, chances are they won't take any action at all.

But include a strong, clear call to action in your email, clearly stating what you want your prospect to do as a result of the email and you're far more likely to get the results you want.

A call to action can simply be a statement: the action you want the prospect to take. But when it comes to email marketing the most effective method is usually to include a prominent button or buttons that carry your CTA message and encourage the recipient to click through.

Follow these tips below to create the most compelling call to actions for your marketing emails.

Spell it out to them

If it may seem obvious that if you send a prospect an email with a number of listings, they have to click through to read more or to arrange a viewing, but you may be surprised how few recipients will take the right action unless you spell it out to them.

Wherever you have content that links through to your website, make sure there is a call to action and make sure it clearly states what action you want them to take.

Get the wording right

If you're using a button keep it short and punchy, use just a few words but make them work hard. Tell your prospects what you want them to do and be direct about it.

Add a bit of urgency to your call to action. Don't simply ask your recipients to do something, ask them to do it 'today' or 'now'.

'Find out more' is a commonly used CTA and, used in the right places, can be effective. But if you find yourself using this CTA regularly, ask yourself, is there a stronger and more compelling direction to give them? Do you just want them to find out more or do you want them to arrange a viewing or request a call back?

Which CTA would make you more likely to click through? 'Find out more' or 'Arrange a viewing today'

Position the CTA

Make it big and bold, make it stand out within the email and make sure your recipients can't miss it.

Position your first call to action so it can be seen and clicked when the prospect first opens the email. Your prospect may never get as far as your call to action if they need to scroll down to find it.

The exact position of your call to action button will depend on the style of your email, but generally it should sit to the right of your email. People will view the email from left to right, so place the button in the place their eyes will land.

Reinforce it

Don't be afraid to repeat your CTA throughout your email. Remember, your recipients do not view you email in one go, they scroll from top to bottom. If you have placed your first CTA near the top of the email, repeat it again near the end.

Your aim is to make the recipient click that button. If it's there infront of them at the time they are making the decision they are far more likely to click it and take action than if they have to scroll back through the email to find it.

Stick to your promises

A big and bold call to action will get your prospects clicking through, but make sure you live up to the promises made on your call to action.

If your call to action is 'Find out more' then make sure the webpage that your recipient clicks through to does infact include more information on the topic. If it merely repeats the information already presented on the email, the recipient isn't getting what they were promised, it's not progressing them along the journey to your end goal and it may deter them from clicking through on future emails.

If you tell them to 'arrange a viewing' then make sure the page they link through to gives them the ability to arrange a viewing.

Consider a landing page specifically for your email if the existing content on your website doesn't fulfil the expectations of the call to action you want to include.

Test it

From the wording and positioning of your call to action, to the colour you use on the button, all these elements can impact whether your lead chooses to click through or not. There's no one tried and tested blueprint for what works best. Different colours and wording will appeal to different audience types and the best way to discover what works best for your audience is to test different elements.

Testing is a painstaking task, because it requires each element to be tested individually and it can take some time before you arrive at the perfect CTA for your audience. But the hard work pays off because once you get your CTA right you will see your click-through rate soar.

If you don't have the time to invest in testing, why not let do the work for you? With a wealth of experience in email marketing, we've already done the legwork when it comes to email testing, so we know what works for a Real Estate market.

Take a look at our range of mailer options available and get your first campaign started today!

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