How to mobilise your email campaigns for a mobile audience

Published: 30 March 2016

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Mobilise Your Email Campaigns

How to mobilise your email campaigns for a mobile audience

When you plan an email campaign you may think about an eye catching creative, a killer subject line and the best send time that will get you the highest open rate. But are you considering how your emails are being viewed?

It probably comes as no surprise that mobile phone usage is continually on the increase but did you know more than half of all emails are now opened on a mobile phone?

The latest figures from email deliverability software providers, Litmus show that 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device, compared to just 19% on a desktop. And people searching for new properties are among the most likely to be opening and viewing an email on a mobile device, with the estate agency industry gaining the third highest number of mobile opens.

But what does that mean for you as an estate agent?

Well for starters, you need an email design that works for mobile. At we have been creating fully responsive emails for our clients for more than four years but if you're new to mobile responsive email it can seem a daunting task.

The first thing you need to consider is the width of your email because the dimensions of a mobile phone screen are very different to those of a desktop screen, which means both the way the emails are displayed and the way they are viewed by recipients are very different.

Think of your mobile view like a long thin column. There's much more scrolling involved when viewing an email on a mobile so it's more important than ever to get your main message across from the start.

If you're using an eye catching 'hero' image to grab your recipient's attention, remember it will appear much smaller on a mobile device so make sure any text you use on your image is large enough to still be viewed when the image is shrunk to a smaller view.

And save your image at the smallest file size possible so your email doesn't eat up lots of bandwidth to download and display on the phone. For some recipients the images may not display at all, so make sure you don't hide your killer message in your images. And always use alt text, so that if your images don't display you still get your message across.

Your introductory text, which may take up just a few lines on your desktop, will appear in a long thin column on your mobile, so keep it as brief as you can and get to the point straight away. You could be showcasing the perfect property to your recipient in your email, but they may never get to see it if they have to scroll through reams and reams of text first.

Make your links big and bold on your email, use bright buttons with big text that your recipients can't miss and can easily click with their thumb. Use contrasting colours throughout your design to make your message really stand out, even if your recipients are on the go.

Use bigger font sizes too or use the email's CSS to increase the font size on mobiles for certain things, such as headlines, phone numbers and links so that your recipients can easily make them out.

If you include two boxes on your desktop view (maybe a property image, with a description next to it) remember on a mobile view these will display one above the other rather than side by side, so always factor this into your design and consider which is the most important element for your recipient to see first.

And always remember to test your email on different devices to see how it views. There are software and tools out there that will show you how your email is likely to display across the different phones, tablets and internet browsers but it is always worth testing it yourself on every available device you have.

Landing your mobile openers

All too often, recipients receive a fully optimised email that offers a great mobile experience, only to click through to a landing page that is virtually illegible when viewed on a phone. If you provide your recipients with a mobile optimised email, be sure to follow that through to your landing page and make it as easy as possible for them to carry out the next step.

At all our landing pages are fully responsive so that no matter what device it is viewed on the recipient will always get the best possible experience.

When are you contacting your leads?

And it's not just the design you need to consider when planning your campaign for a mobile audience.

These days your recipients are not sitting down at a desktop and dedicating some time to their emails, they're reading them on the go, checking them first thing in the morning when they get up, on the train or bus on their way to work, in their lunch break or even while walking in the street.

The trend of dipping in and out of emails, social media and all the apps and technology the mobile phone offers has changed the way people interact with their emails and it's important to consider this when planning your campaign.

What do you want the recipient to do as a result of receiving your email? Do you simply want them to view your email and visit the website or do you want them to take a specific action?

If your aim is to keep your estate agency front of mind with your prospects to keep them warm then sending your email when they're likely to be checking their emails on the go can be a good plan.

But if you want them to take action that requires more consideration, you may want to target them at a time they are more likely to be able to dedicate attention to your email - perhaps in the evening when they return from work, when they have the time to click through to your website, read more and make a considered decision.

Whatever time you send your email and whatever your aim, always keep your email as brief and to the point as you can. You have just a few seconds to capture your recipient's attention when they open an email, so put your killer message right at the top and give them a link and a call to action as early on as you can.

Sound like a piece of cake?

If you're familiar with CSS then making your emails fully mobile responsive is actually quite straightforward. But if you don't know your CSS from your HTML and the whole thing sounds like a daunting task, or you would rather focus your efforts on the main task at hand - selling properties - contact us at and let us do the hard work.

We offer a variety of packages, all with fully responsive emails and landing pages, created by our team of in-house email experts. Take a look at our email offers and get in touch today and find out how we can create you the perfect campaign for today's mobile audience.

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