How to Sell Houses the Emotional Way

Published: 12 January 2016 (Last modified: 18 January 2016)

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Sell Houses the Emotional Way

How to Sell Houses the Emotional Way

As a real estate agent you're an expert at spotting the selling points of a property - the spacious lounge, the landscaped garden, the convenient location. You know these are the key features your prospective buyers are looking for and you highlight these points to them through your listings, your photos and the communications you send out. But have you considered taking this a step further and tapping into the emotional response your marketing can have?

Emotional marketing goes further than merely highlighting the key features and selling points, it aims to create an emotional response in its recipient, to paint a picture of an aspirational life they could achieve, the solution to a problem they have or something that resonates with them on a personal level.

When you see the latest new car advertised on TV it is not just the car they are selling you but the experience and the lifestyle it creates and they do this through the emotions they evoke. It taps into the aspirations of the prospective buyer, it paints a picture of the lifestyle they want to lead and places the car central to that. In essence, when the prospect is making a purchase they're not just buying a car but buying in to the lifestyle that the car claims to offer.

This brand of marketing lends itself very well to the real estate industry because your prospects are not just buying a property, they are buying a home. There will no doubt be features that are crucial to the prospect: the number of bedrooms, the outdoor space, the location and whether it has a garage for example. But these are the facts; the elements that make the property meet their requirements and they may have a whole shortlist of properties that fill the bill.

Add emotional marketing into the mix and you take the prospect beyond the bricks and mortar. You begin to paint a picture of what life would be like living in the property, you take those key features and you turn them into improvements to their lives or solutions to their problems.

The kitchen isn't simply a big kitchen with ample space anymore, it's the family hub of the home, the get together place or the perfect layout for preparing dinner parties. The bathroom is no longer a functional part of the house, it's a haven in which to relax and unwind. The fitted dishwasher translates as more time to spend with the family and the second bathroom becomes the end to queues and squabbles during the morning rush.

Emotional marketing can be achieved both through the copy you write and the imagery you use to promote your listings. An image of a kitchen table isn't going to evoke an emotional reaction. But add some place settings, some glasses, a loaf of bread on the side and maybe a child's toy and suddenly you are painting a picture of a family home.

The style of the imagery is important too. If you're marketing a family home then a cozy feel with warm low lighting and personal touches that make it look lived in may elicit a good response. While a city centre apartment for single workers may be better positioned with clean spaces, open planned living and lots of natural day lighting.

If you've been following our tips on email personalisation you may have already experimented with adding personalisation to your emails to better target them to your prospects. And with emotional marketing you can take this to another level and include different imagery and words for the same property to appeal to different target markets. Even a subtle difference in your main image can have a big impact in appealing to different audiences.

Of course, if you're communicating directly to your prospects through email and you want to include emotional imagery and copy that will resonate with them on a personal level, you need to first understand the individual prospect. There are a number of ways you can do this and our tips on using big data to inform your content strategy should point you in the right direction.

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