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Popular Networking Tips for Realtors

Networking Tips for Realtors

One of the most important habits in real estate, is networking. That's because a well-developed network can produce a pipeline of leads, as well as help advance you in both your personal and professional life. This article will help you to learn how to network in ways you may not have considered before.

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Popular Five Tips to Becoming a Better Digital Real Estate Agent

Five Tips to Becoming a Better Digital Real Estate Agent

The internet has changed the real estate industry in many ways, and agents need to take note and change too in order to succeed. Here we present ways agents can move forward and adapt to stay ahead of the competition.

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Popular Record-Breaking Month for Propertyshowrooms.com Agents

Record-Breaking Month for Propertyshowrooms.com Agents

I am very proud to announce that March 2015 was a record month for Propertyshowrooms.com since its inception in 2002. Property enquiries, website visitors, social visitors and the amount of agents and developers we’re working with all flew off the scale this March.

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Popular Stand Out Estate Agents

Stand Out Estate Agents

How important is is for estate agents to stand out in such a cut-throat and competitive environment? In this piece we interview a selection of agents who have become hugely successful by doing things differently.

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Popular Surprising Property Investment Statistics

Surprising Property Investment Statistics

Here are three of the most surprising trends we spotted in our visitor figures for 2014 and our predictions for how we think they will develop in the short term future.

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Popular Are Traditional Agents Fighting a Losing Battle?

Are Traditional Agents Fighting a Losing Battle?

With so many different aspects to take into consideration now; communication, accessibility, opening hours, interactions, cost, and so on. Can traditional estate agents keep up?

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Popular Use the Festive Season to Build Relationships

Use the Festive Season to Build Relationships

Let’s face it in real estate, when you’re not selling, you’re marketing, and although the festive season can often be a tricky time to sell, it is in fact a wonderful time to market your business.

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Popular We Want Your Real Estate Videos

We Want Your Real Estate Videos

At Propertyshowrooms.com we want to create a new approach by running stories for agents, about agents and by agents - and preferably, on video.

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Popular Introduction to Lead Maintenance

Introduction to Lead Maintenance

Any property company wanting to generate new customers for their business will know that marketing and lead generation is a top priority. There are two main ways to build and maintain a database of prospective clients; building a database of leads, and buying a database of leads.

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