Use the Festive Season to Build Relationships

Published: 18 December 2014

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Festive season for building relationships

Let’s face it in real estate, when you’re not selling, you’re marketing, and although the festive season can often be a tricky time to sell, it is in fact a wonderful time to market your business.

So if the leads have gone cold, why not set yourself up by the fire and get a head start on your marketing efforts for the year ahead.

Spread Some Festive Joy

The Festive season is a great time for strengthening your communication with existing clients; remember referrals are the best way to gain new clients going forward.

You can do so in many ways; from sending out festive e-cards, post on social media, or even picking up the phone or sending a Christmas card by post.

That’s how you could communicate but the important thing is what you want to communicate and why the holiday season is a good time to do so.

The why is fairly obvious, it’s a joyous time of year when memories are made, so with emotions and spirits high, going that extra mile can really resonate with people.
That leads us on to what to say in your festive message:

Be Grateful

Thank clients for their support throughout the year, and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It seems obvious I know, but a simple thank you, goes a long way, and if you can narrow it down to something personal for each client even better. Remember the goal is to be remembered, so the more your message stands out against other perhaps generic thank you messages the better.

Look Back

There are so many positives to be had from looking back, remind clients of what you have achieved or learned over the past year, again do so via social media, or add this to your festive email.

Include testimonials for credibility, if somebody has said something nice about you, shout about it! I saw an email recently from a large firm sending out a festive message and at the end was a simple testimonial and comment which read;

“This company has become like family to us, we have a great relationship and know we can always rely on them to put our needs first.” - We vow to continue to put all our customer’s needs first and hope to be welcomed in to more families in the year ahead.

Including testimonials is one thing, but answering testimonials with a promise can really grab a reader’s attention.

What’s To Come

Talking about plans you have to improve your business in the year ahead is another powerful way of gaining attention; it reminds clients that you don’t just stop there.
Even if you don’t have any big plans to expand or more offices, there’s always rooms for improvement and therefore always something to talk about.

For instance:

Improve communication - plan to write a blog, announce that prospective buyers or sellers can contact you using instant messaging such as Whatsapp, or plan to join more social networks like Pinterest or Instagram.


Enhance your brand awareness – customers want to know what you’re up to, so tell them! Plan to be more transparent, and keep everyone up to date on what you’re doing whether that’s sending out regular email updates, or sticking the occasional snap of a happy customer you’ve helped up on Instagram and vow to make sure everyone stays well informed.

Host a Festive Open House Party

The holiday season is about bringing people together and there’s no better way to do so than a party. So if you have the budget to take the extra mile even further why not invite existing clients to a festive do and toast to your success with mulled wine and minced pies.

And don’t forget to send our invite!

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