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Published: 14 October 2014 (Last modified: 22 January 2015)

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Maintaining High Quality Leads

Why Non-qualified Leads (Buying a database of leads) is a bad idea
Lead maintenance

The problem with buying leads from a lead generation company is that sales qualified leads are often non-existent, meaning that most of the time the information you receive is merely a name and an email address, if you’re lucky.

Therefore what you are being sold is a suspect, not a prospect – so although you may have a large list of email addresses, you have NO information on the people behind the accounts, WHAT they’re interested in and WHAT makes them click. This makes it very hard to know if even one of those contacts has any interest in the products you have to offer.

Data Protection & Spam Filters

Potentially more importantly - you will very likely find, that by emailing a list of people you’ve never had contact with before, with some form of advertising, that your emails will fall straight into their spam filters and be blocked…meaning you’ll never have the possibility to market to them at all.

Customers that don’t know your property brand or haven’t specifically signed up to receive your messages will be particularly wary of you should you be lucky enough to get through their spam filters.

Worst case scenario: Someone receives your message, flags it as spam and you get blacklisted from sending out email marketing in future. Not good.

Why Building an Opt-in Database (Building a database of leads) is the Better Option

There is however another solution, one we pride ourselves on providing at, it takes more time and care but ultimately produces far better results, short-term and long-term.

Building an opt-in customer database means that a subscriber actively chooses to communicate with your business because what you offer directly interests them.

Opting in means that they are literally saying “yes I want to be contacted by you”. So, not only do you acquire customers that you know are interested in your products, but also ones that are likely to read and engage with your communications and potentially be much warmer sales prospects going forward.

That’s the customer acquisition side of lead generation; at we then follow this up by nurturing the leads generated to increase communication, encourage content sharing, retain customers and ideally make repeat sales or referrals for the agents and developers we work with.

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a methodology used by marketers to maintain regular communication and build relationships with prospective customers, slowly introducing them to various stages of the sales process, until such time as they may become ready to buy.

Why is it important?

Lead nurturing is important because at the end of the day, customers are people and people require time, information and trust in order to form a well-rounded relationship.

At we believe that maintaining the trust and respect of a customer, requires the same effort as maintaining a friendship. If you meet someone you wish to be friends with but do not engage with them, discover their interests and maintain regular contact that friendship is likely to fizzle out. The same theory applies to nurturing clients.

Why not to resell leads

Another best practice abides by is that we DO NOT RE-SELL LEADS!

Selling leads can seem tempting to some companies looking to make a quick buck, but it’s not only unethical, it could be illegal if handled poorly, the Data Protection Act 1998 states that “you should always obtain your customers’ express consent before you disclose any information about them to third parties”.

What’s more, selling data makes it harder to keep track of clients and provide them with the best possible service.

A word from

We don’t buy or resell leads, once we’ve generated leads for a particular company or client, we do not pass those leads onto anyone else. If an interested buyer likes the properties listed on our site and make an enquiry, their details are sent directly to the agent, nobody else.

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