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Published: 14 May 2015

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One of the most important habits in any industry, but especially real estate, is networking.

I’ve met some top producing realtors over the years, and they all have one thing in common; they each understand the importance of having a good, strong network of people around them and know not to miss an opportunity to add to it. (Ok two things, but you get my drift.)

A well-developed network can produce a pipeline of leads, as well as help advance you in both your personal and professional life. Now some realtors are naturally blessed with fabulous networking skills. Others, not so much.

But don’t worry, once you know where to start you’ll find everything starts falling in to place. That’s why we put together this list to give you some tips on getting started with networking, via some unique channels to grow your network and close more sales.

1. Find a Mentor

Even some of the most experienced real estate agents I know have mentors. Forming a relationship with an experienced realtor is a great way to get ahead of your local competition. Pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses, and find out what networking strategies they have in your local market that works well for them.

Take away: One mentor I hear a lot about is Glenn Twindle (the man who brought Arnie to OZ) his sales strategies are said to be very effective and are used by many of the top agents I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

2. Join a Board or Volunteer

The fact of the matter is; wherever you are and whatever your businesses focus, you’ll find people thinking and talking about real estate. The interest is all around us, but the decision buyers make is not whether they will or won’t purchase property at some stage in their life (chance is they will) but who they will select to help them through the process.

Getting stuck in and volunteering is not only hugely rewarding, but also a great way to get your name out to the public and gain credibility. What’s more, many charities also host events, creating the perfect opportunity to strike up conversations with new people.

That’s why joining important organisations that you believe in is a great way to meet a whole range of people and often ones that share a similar mindset to you. Therefore when the time comes to buy they will already be familiar with your moral compass and be much more likely to choose you than a stranger.

Take away: Charitable organisations are great to gain and give simultaneously, not only can you help make a difference but you’ll also gain the trust and respect of your fellow associates and maybe even get your message across to other followers of the organization, creating a wide net of people who are far more likely to select you as their first choice of agent.

3. Consider Community Events

Get out and about!! I can’t stress this point more; people who at some stage will purchase real estate are ALL AROUND you! Attend local events that people are buzzing about, better yet sponsor them, or create your own event! The idea is to visit any venue where you are able to meet and talk, or communicate with people in some way.

One of my absolute favorite real estate agents to talk about is Jesse James, not just because he dresses like the cowboy he shares his name with, but because of his belief in everyone within a community helping each other out. Jesse creates events designed to give back to the community and raise money for his local charity “The Cage Youth Foundation”. The most popular of which is the Grass Roots Bull Ride whereby Jesse rides a bull, bets are placed and money is raised. A whopping 42 local business’ are involved in the event and it attracts around 2,100 people to their small community every year.

Take away: Community events don’t just help the community as a whole, but they also enable many businesses to network with the crowd and each other.

4. Get Along with Coworkers

It is so very important to maintain a positive relationship with your fellow agents. Negativity is never a good thing, and the last thing you want is for anybody to damage that good reputation you’ve worked really hard for.

Therefore, make sure you always conduct your business ethically and FAIRLY, that means don’t step on anyone else’s toes.

Take away: Just like people who don’t like you might jump at the opportunity to say bad things, people who DO like you will more than likely do what they can to boost your business if you’re on good terms.

5. Be a Sale Opportunist

Treat every meeting as a potential future sale. Again as I mentioned earlier everybody you meet will likely buy a property AT SOME STAGE in their lifetime, that might not be today, or tomorrow or not for another five years, but you can put yourself in the running early.

For example, I worked with a fabulous recruiter a couple of years back, and now I refer her to any businesses I know looking to recruit new staff, why? Because I liked her and she delivered. The likelihood is she doesn’t even know it’s me referring her and I don’t do so for recognition, I do so because I think she’s the best for the job, and that’s what you want to get across.

Take away: Every time you meet someone new, see it as an opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way. Meeting just one new person might bring you several leads down the road.

7. Create a Great Online Persona

Content marketing has become huge over the last couple of years, that’s because creating a website and/or blog is one of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to market yourself as the local expert in your market and form an abundant pile of leads.

Take away: By answering customer questions and addressing things you think buyers might find interesting about your chosen area, you can immediately attract them to you with the help of online search engines like Google. This way they’ll get to know all about you and what you do and in most cases choose there and then whether they want to work with you (all before meeting you face to face).

Do you have any additional networking tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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