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Published: 08 December 2014 (Last modified: 17 December 2014)

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At Propertyshowrooms.com we want to create a new approach by running stories for agents, about agents and by agents - and preferably, on video.

Send your property videos

We recognize that more and more agents are taking to creating and using their own videos on their websites; be it to discuss industry ideas, provide customised tours of listings – or even take you on a property viewing roller coaster ride!

Now we’re looking for video news stories too, whether it’s a recorded Google hangout, a short Vine video or a longer more professional version send it in to info@propertyshowrooms.com for us to post in our new For Agents community.

Send in your views on existing news stories, show us your new research, or industry opinions, or even make an announcement on a new service you’ve developed to offer clients.

Remember, anything that might make an interesting written article on these pages, would make a great video story too!

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" Our first Solus mailshot to the Propertyshowrooms.com database resulted in a positive response and subsequent sales. We have now booked more Solus mailer slots to promote our new projects and looking forward to more success for the coming months "
- Martin Sadler - Operations Director