Chapter 4 - The ultimate goal

Published: 13 October 2014 (Last modified: 22 January 2015)

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Creating a large high-tech website is expensive, time consuming and techy, but readily offer this service, meaning estate agents don’t necessarily need one.
What’s more, we maintain a good client base and reputation. Therefore working with to list your properties could mean you obtain leads without wasting time and money on implementing lead generation technology.

The main advantage therefore to agents, is the fact that by listing on a portal with the existing technology and know-how to market your properties, you are able to better focus your time and effort on making sales.

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 What Our Clients Say

" We were happy to sign up "pre-launch" to new “Development Showcase" as we already get excellent responses and service from them. This product will give us the opportunity to raise brand awareness for Century21 Cyhomes and generate greater exposure to the Koumasia project in Cyprus. The process of adding the details was very straightforward with lots of hints on the site as you go and a handy “to do” sheet to record progress. Erik Crols from the IT support was very helpful and always available to lend support and good ideas - via Skype and telephone. The trickiest bit was trying to get the Google coordinates but that is beyond Property Showroom’s control! We like the flexibility of being able to add to the showcase e.g. adding on-going photos, availability etc. This innovative tool should capture the attention of clients and new agents alike and we are pleased to be associated with the development of this new initiative. "
- Eileen Hardy – Director