Chapter 3 - How do I do list my properties?

Published: 14 October 2014 (Last modified: 22 January 2015)

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How to list your properties

The most common practice is to use an XML feed to upload property listings. This is basically a file containing all the information for all your properties, which you can send to us, so you don’t have to upload your properties manually.

What is XML?

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a simple text format which has become the default method in the exchange of all kinds of data on the internet. Extremely popular with the real estate industry for its ease of use, XML has become the property market’s preferred format for accurately exchanging online data.

What is a data feed?

It is a text file containing your property listings and image links which is created in a format known as XML.

How to upload properties with

At we aim to make any input we need from you as easy and fast as possible. That’s why we use two of the simplest, yet effective methods to upload properties to our site.

Using XML feed

An XML feed can be supplied to us via a URL (web address).

Not Using XML feed

We have an easy to use control panel – which allows you to upload properties in minutes, so if you don’t have an XML feed, or don’t want one, don’t panic! Click to find out how.

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