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Published: 14 October 2014 (Last modified: 30 March 2015)

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Searching for property via the internet was once a tiresome experience, but now buyers can access property listings with highly targeted search capabilities; meaning advertising properties and enabling them to be found by the right buyers at the right time is easier and faster than ever before.

Exposure, credibility and brand recognition enables estate agents and property professionals to reach an audience of 45,000 property investors and thousands of monthly website visitors with minimal effort.

Essentially the portal does all the work, using technological know-how to display relevant properties to huge numbers of potential buyers on the behalf of the agent. All the agent must do is register with, log in and upload their properties. Click to find out exactly how this works.

The advantage of this level of increased visibility is twofold; it can also lead to promoting brand awareness and credibility.

Affiliation with a recognized portal can, by association, lead to a sense of trust and reliability felt by consumers and therefore enhance the level of credibility a potential buyer may feel for an agent or developer. This is particularly relevant for smaller estate agency firms that may lack the level of exposure that larger firms possess.

Equally, the credibility of a lesser-known agency can only be enhanced further when listings are displayed alongside those of larger, more recognized brands.

Search efficiency

The benefits to consumers are evident – with the huge number of websites out there, the ability to have a range of properties and prices readily displayed side-by-side is an invaluable resource that cuts down on time, stress and often the overwhelming decision-making involved in finding a property online. Whether they’re looking for a new home or searching for an income generating investment overseas.

For agents and developers, property portals offer an effective way of getting their products and branding in front of the right customers, at the right time. It is for this reason that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities maintained by property portals are often a key element to their success.

We make sure that all content on is correctly optimized for natural Search Engine traffic to ensure it is prominently displayed among internet search engines. Therefore agents that advertise with can benefit from the same heightened level of SEO exposure by extension.


The introduction of mobile technology and devices, designed to meet consumer habits and demand, are another factor that contributes to the advantage of using to list your properties.

Due to the increasing number of people who access information using mobile devices, having a responsive website that allows customers to access property information anytime, from anywhere, on any device, is now essential.

According to Smart Insights over 20% of Google searches are now being performed on a mobile device.

However creating a responsive mobile-friendly website is time consuming and costly, therefore by using a property portal like that already utilizes mobile friendly technology is increasingly appealing to property professionals.

As well as catering to consumer trends, adopting mobile technology enables agents to speed up the entire process when it comes to selling real estate, by enabling customers to narrow down their initial selection (by cutting out the leg work) and to communicate with the selling agent on a regular basis. uses a fully mobile responsive website, meaning all properties listed through us can be viewed using any device, regardless of screen size.

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" We don’t do external marketing, we believe the industry has become more targeted and personalized and therefore moved away from what lead generation companies usually offer and deliver. We’d rather have one lead that fits what we’re looking for, than thousands that bring us no valuable customers. With it was different, we wanted to find someone to work with us who had a mutual understanding of our needs, Mark Courtney was just that, persistent and professional, he delivered. In an ever-changing market, with the continuous progress of the internet – the team helped look into the problems we were facing, as opposed to just selling their products. "
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