Is Christmas The Best Time of Year to Sell Property?

Published: 09 December 2014

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Selling property during Christmas

Many sellers take their homes off the market during the Christmas period, but is it really a good idea to do so? Could Christmas in fact be the perfect time to sell? ... It is after all the most wonderful time of the year.

What are the benefits of trying to sell a home during the festive period?

Yule have the advantage

For sellers, listing a home over Christmas can be inconvenient, but it can also give them an edge over the competition. Furthermore if you’re an agent willing to continue to operate during the festive season it could prove to be profitable end to the year.
With a number of other sellers taking their homes off the market for the holidays, your client (should they decide to try to sell their home over the festive period) will inevitably have the advantage; by simply being available, a property listed and available for viewing over Christmas instantly becomes more visible to prospective buyers.
There are also many advantages to buyers aside from having the time to view properties, thanks to a bit of time off work, there are also fewer buyers looking at homes during the days closest to Christmas, meaning the chances of multiple offers or encountering any competition is low. As well as this home prices also tend to be at a low during the month of December.
A shared advantage perhaps to both buyer and seller is the unspoken truth that if you are either looking to sell or purchase during the holiday period you can bet both parties are fairly serious about doing so.

Create a little magic

Most agents advise against Christmas decorations however they do bring a certain charm and do often make a house feel like a home; a quality some buyers may find quite endearing.
The important thing to note is encourage sellers that decorations still must act as a means of showcasing a home in the best light. Encourage sellers not to go too over the top and keep it Christmassy, but classy.
Perhaps advise home owners to try and place whether their home is more suited to these two categories and decide how to decorate accordingly:

Old rustic home? Select warm golds, reds, and greens, to make for a more traditional feel, keeping it cosy and inviting.

Minimalist modern home? Choose icy silvers and blues, with just a touch here and there to keep it stylish and simple.

‘Tis the season to be jolly

People in general tend to be in high-spirits during the holidays, it’s a time for giving and sharing, meaning in many cases they are more likely to be generous. Therefore sellers may be willing to knock a little off, and buyers may be willing to go that extra mile.

So if you are an Estate Agent who plans of working throughout the holidays, why not use the time wisely and encourage clients to keep their properties on the market? You never know; there could be a little Christmas present in it for you by the end of it.

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