Boost Sales With Better Listing Descriptions

Published: 18 February 2015

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Boost Sales With Better Listing Descriptions

Are some of your listings not getting the attention from buyers you think they deserve?

You might find that some simple adjustments to your property descriptions could make a world of difference!

The point of a description is to invite prospective buyers and therefore should be engaging and showcase a property’s best features in a way that buyers can relate to.

Therefore descriptions full of abbreviations and acronyms familiar to agents, but alien to buyers could be doing your listings more harm than good.

Now I know writing is time consuming and at some times soul-crushing, but as an agent taking that bit of time to make sure your properties are presented in the best possible way could mean they sell faster, leaving room for more listings and ultimately putting more cash in your pocket.

Where to start?

Make your word-count count

Portals and listing sites often don’t give agents a lot of room for property descriptions, making the space you do have all the more valuable, therefore it’s important to avoid repeating information that is already presented in the details section. In other words, there’s no need to repeat the number of bedroom or bathrooms if those facts are already mentioned in the property details section.

Reserve the description box for compelling, intriguing information that will draw buyers in.

Highlight the best features

This might seem like a given but I’ve seen too many descriptions where features are “listed” not highlighted. You wouldn’t just list features when you’re taking a prospective buyer around the property so don’t do it in the description – SELL IT – write your description as you would sell it to a buyer, then cut it down. You’ll find this way that the words roll off your tongue and the best features are described not simply LISTED.

If a home has certain features or unique amenities that you know will appeal to buyers, hit them hard in your listing description. Remember you don’t need to ramble on about every detail, just pick the ones you know will do well to bring in buyers and really go to town on them.

Tell a story, paint a picture, create an experience!

Next time you sit down to write a new listing description, take into account that some words sell better than others.

Selling the sizzle instead of the steak involves using words that help a buyer visualize what living in that home might be like. “Relax and unwind in the spacious tub after a hard day at work,” or “Imagine entertaining friends and family in the garden on a hot summer’s day.”

Every home has its plus side, they key is to find them and point them out in the description.


Nobody expects you to be the next Ernest Hemingway, just make sure at the very least your descriptions make sense and read well.

And don’t forget, the difference between good and bad listing descriptions can have a direct impact on the amount of days a property spends on the market as well as the final selling price, meaning good descriptions could lead to nice commission increase!

Got questions about what else might help sell your listings faster? Let us know in the comments below!

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