What do Property Buyers Really Want?

Published: 05 March 2015

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What do property buyers really want

What do buyers want? That’s the million dollar question in real estate and of course there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all solution when everybody wants something different.

However we at Propertyshowrooms.com like a challenge and therefore with this question in mind set out to discover which properties attract the most interest from the buyers and investors who visit our international property portal.

In order to find out which properties were the most popular with the most current website visitors we first took a snapshot of our website analytics over the last 4 months and looked at the top 250 property pages where users spent a minimum of ten seconds on that page, then from those we selected the five properties that had the most enquiries.

Once we had our top five selected we decided to look into why these particular properties might be so popular.

Want to know what came out on top and why?

One-Bedroom Condo in Phuket, Thailand

One-Bedroom Condo in Phuket, Thailand

The 576km2 island of Phuket is Thailand’s most popular tourist destination, considered to be one of the best locations in the world for property investment because you get more bang for your buck. A shortage of coastal land available for development has resulted in a surge in demand for resort-based properties, making this one-bedroom condo extremely attractive to savvy buyers.

There’s no doubt that the rental yield potential for this property is extremely attractive, priced at €33,115, it comfortably fits the budget of the smaller investor seeking to build an income-generation property portfolio.

2-Bedroom Apartment in Istanbul, Turkey

2-Bedroom  Apartment in Istanbul, Turkey

Growth in the rental market of Istanbul’s suburbs has been a hot topic for a number of months, with investors clamouring for a slice of the action in the prosperous city’s apartment market.

The description of this property gives a great background to the current trend for investment in Istanbul’s domestic rental sector, providing information and statistics that present this apartment as a robust opportunity for canny investors.

Apartment in Lanzarote & Villa in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Apartment  in Lanzarote Spain had a record-breaking year for tourism in 2014 which kick-started its flailing economy back into steady recovery. The Canary Islands showed growth in its real estate values before property on the mainland, largely due to its year-round appeal to tourists chasing the sunshine.

Villa in Fuerteventura

Spain’s tourism statistics for January 2015 place the Canary Islands firmly at the top of the charts in terms of popularity with holidaymakers who spent €1,257 million during the month - a dynamic that is set to widen the appeal of the islands to property investors even further.

Studio Apartment in Bel-Air, Andalucía, Mainland Spain

Studio  Apartment in Bel-Air, Marbella

The appeal of mainland Spain particularly to buyers from the UK is currently spiking, as the pound gathers strength against the euro. With many properties remaining discounted by up to 40% on peak 2007 values, there are considerable bargains to be had. Marbella and environs is a hotspot for foreign investors in real estate, boosted by a residency visa scheme for non-EU buyers and remains the number one destination for UK-based property investors.

Basically if the price is right, you can’t go wrong with a Spanish property purchase right now, although the window of opportunity will slowly narrow over the coming years.


It’s evident from this selection of properties that Propertyshworooms.com users are gravitating towards countries that are emerging as great locations for property investment.

What this indicates is that they know exactly where and why they want to buy; implying that the majority of website visitors are in fact seasoned property investors. That, or perhaps thanks to the internet and having a mass of information readily available buyers are able to build investment knowledge and make more informed decisions on property purchases.

We’re going to be keeping an eye on this and will run the same experiment in the not so far future to determine if as property investment trends change our visitor behaviour does too.

Got more questions on what property buyers want? Let us know in the comments below!

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