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Published: 14 October 2014 (Last modified: 22 January 2015)

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What they do to help you:

Find out how our dedicated agent account managers help property professionals to uniquely market their products.

Understand Client Needs and Providing a Tailored Package

Agent account managers role

Our Agent Account Managers believe it’s important to fully understand a property professional’s specific needs first, in order to provide the best marketing package to help them successfully grow their business.

Budget is important; it’s incredibly difficult to provide the best marketing option without knowing how much a client has to spend. That’s why our Agent Account Managers provide tailored packages to agents and developers to suit their specific marketing budget. We work on a cost-per-campaign structure, so you know exactly what you are spending and see instantly measurable results and return on investment. We do not charge any commissions on leads or sales from marketing campaigns or property listings packages.

Content and Design Advice

Our Agent Account Managers can also provide assistance in maximising your property email marketing campaign by acting as direct liaison with our in-house design department, as well as advice on what your campaign should or should not consist of in terms of content in order to maximize the leads generated in both quality and quantity.

Performance Enhancement and Special Offers

Depending on the specific campaign and budget our Agent Account Managers may offer various ways to enhance your campaign to ensure it receives the best quality leads.

We also regularly run time sensitive offers to ensure clients receive exceptional value with their campaign purchase.

Maintain Regular Contact

Our Agent Account Managers believe communication is key in maintaining good relationships with clients and therefore regularly follow-up on campaigns to ensure we continue to provide the best possible on-going service.

Contact an Agent Account Manager

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 What Our Clients Say

" The campaigns we have ran through the guidance of Mark at PSR have always produced leads and sales for the business. If you want high lead volume, exposure to a wide audience of investors, and professional looking design material at good value, then I think PSR are a select few inside today’s marketplace that can actually offer you this under one convenient package” Best regards, Tony. "
- Tony