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Published: 14 October 2014 (Last modified: 30 March 2015)

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Our dedicated I.T. support team is always on hand to assist with technical issues, from uploading property feeds, to guidance in using our control panel and making your property listings more visible and attractive.

Technical support

Listing properties (uploading manually and XML feeds)

Our technical support team aims to make any input we need from you as easy and fast as possible. That’s why we use two of the simplest, yet effective methods to upload properties to our portal.

Using an XML feed

An XML feed can be supplied to us via a URL (web address). Our compliance team then checks the feed to make sure it contains all the basic information we require to list the properties on such as location info, prices, photos, adequate description and any further information required.

Once we have confirmed that your XML feed is compatible (most existing feed formats are) it can be uploaded automatically. Our IT team then adds the information to our automated feed loader, ready for it to be processed, once the account has been created and a listing package has been purchased and activated.

Manual Property Upload (Not Using XML feed)

We also have an easy to use control panel – which allows you to upload properties in minutes, so if you don’t have an XML feed, or don’t want one, don’t panic! We’re here to help.

Using the Control Panel

Setting up Directory Listings

Our I.T. support team helps and guides agents and developers in uploading their company information to the Real Estate Directory. This includes everything from creating a branded profile to linking to social networking pages and uploading RSS feeds to display your property company’s news and updates alongside your listings.

If you don’t already have a FREE directory listing – get one here.

Accessing leads and general log-in support

The team is always on hand to help solve any problems you might have as soon as possible; from logging-in, to receiving new lead notifications and more - simply contact us, and we’ll show you how it works in no time!

Advice and help on making property listings more visible and attractive

We help you to make your property marketing campaigns be as successful as possible, from photo size and quality suggestions, to amending descriptions and adding property characteristics.

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