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Published: 03 July 2015

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Research shows that around 100 million people watch at least one video online every day and yet many real estate agents have not embraced the powers of video and used it as a tool to sell property. However, there are several reasons why it's a very good idea:

  • Real estate listings that include video receive 403% more enquiries than those without
  • 26% of internet users seek more information after viewing a video
  • 75% of users visit the marketer's website after viewing a video
  • Subscriber to lead conversion rates increase 51% when a link to video is included in email marketing campaigns
  • 90% of users say that seeing a video feature is helpful in the decision-making process when considering a purchase
  • An introductory company email that includes links to video can achieve a 96% increase in click-through rate

The stats say that people sit up and take notice when video is involved in the presentation of a product or service. This is particularly appealing to realtors who operate within a crowded marketplace because a good video grabs the attention of potential buyers, giving agents the opportunity to stand out among the competition.

Technology experts Cisco predict that almost 80% of web traffic will be video by 2018

YouTube is a great platform to showcase your video presentations mainly because it is owned by Google and operates as a subsidiary of the world's number one search engine. It is also completely free to use which gives estate agents the opportunity to experiment with responses to videos or to use as part of a wider digital marketing campaign.

The way to establish a public presence on YouTube is to create your own channel. There are currently more than one million YouTube channels in dozens of countries that are earning revenue for their products and services on the site's Partner Programme and thousands more making six figures plus each year.

All you need is a Google Account to create a YouTube channel and you can upload videos, comment on others and make playlists of your favourites and then your videos will all be stored and accessed from one place.

How do you get traffic to your YouTube channel?

  1. Create Appealing Thumbnails
    The thumbnail images you create for each video you upload are quite important as it's the first thing people see when they search for your videos – so it should be ‘click-worthy'.
  2. Consider your Title and Video Description
    Its common sense that the title should intrigue viewers to the point they want to view your video and so it's best to include relevant keywords in the title and description that may be used when searching YouTube
  3. Add Channel Tags
    Tagging your videos with as many relevant keywords and derivatives will draw viewers to your channel more successfully through searches. Use as many keywords that you can think of that users might use when searching if they want to view real estate videos.
  4. Personalise your YouTube Channel's Image
    Play around with your channel's theme and background image to maximise your impact visually and make you stand out from the crowd.
  5. Engage with your Audience
    Take the time to read any comments left on your channel or posted on your videos and respond as appropriate. It's worth monitoring comments for undesirable remarks that if left, could damage your YouTube presence.
  6. ‘Recent Activity' is Important
    If you like or favourite a video on YouTube it automatically shows up in your ‘Recent Activity' which is displayed on the left side-menu. This can be a simple way to make connections with prospective buyers and possibly attract more viewers to your channel. Video makers who have been liked or favourited are generally more likely to click through to take a look at your content in return.

The Importance of YouTube's Analytics Tools

You can see how your YouTube channel is doing by using the free analytic tools supplied that can tell you how many views your video has over time. You can see what your average number of views is per video to get a clear understanding of what video content does well to help guide your content creation in the future.

Another YouTube metric shows you how your video is rated by viewers and there's a dashboard area that allows you to see total views, ratings stats, comments and favourites that have amassed over time. Any direct feedback on your YouTube channel indicates a greater level of engagement than just the views of your video.

Feedback in the form of likes and dislikes also increases your profile as they are factors taken into account by YouTube when deciding where to rank your video in the search results. Ratings require more action from your YouTube audience than simply watching your video and so it's a great way of determining what is making buyers sit up and take notice and what's not.

YouTube has a great range of analytic tools to help you get the most from your channel, including a metric that reveals the demographic of your audience. This helps you make your videos as relevant as possible for the age, gender and geographic location of your viewers.

Alternatives to YouTube Worth Considering

Despite being a free service and its connections with Google, YouTube can still have some limitations. For example, ads from competing estate agents can be displayed alongside your promotional or sales video which isn't great.

There are several alternative video hosting platforms available that are geared up to provide a complete commercial function. Through paying a small subscription (around $200/year), these alternatives offer the ability to make branded and customised video players that you can also use in your digital marketing campaign.

These can be great options for estate agents who wish to precisely target their promotional or sales videos. YouTube is a great tool but things can get lost in its enormity very easily. Here's our pick of the best alternatives we feel are worth a second look at:
Sprout Video

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