The Hottest Social Media Trends for Real Estate in 2015

Published: 11 December 2014 (Last modified: 13 January 2015)

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Social outlook for 2015

There’s been lots of talk; especially it would seem in the last year about the opportunities digital marketing and new technology hold for the future of marketing for real estate.

However until quite recently social media has been seen as playing a small, perhaps even irrelevant part in that. It’s been type-cast as something you know you should do, but don’t really need to do….

But experts say that’s changing for 2015; as social media really begins to step-up as one of the key ways to build brand awareness, retain customers, encourage engagement and even increase revenue.

It’s very easy however to get caught up and lost in social media advice, and in an effort to try and do everything miss out on how to actually to use it to your business’s advantage. So here’s some insight on what we believe to be the trends to look out for in 2015 and how best to use them to grow your real estate business:

Be Useful

In this era of easy access to tonnes of information, realtors have got to make sure their advertising not only stands out, but is valuable enough to the reader to make them want to share with their networks of friends and peers.

When people share the content you put out, they’re giving it their seal of approval, like an unspoken testimonial. By writing shareable, thought provoking, but most of all helpful content (as an agent) you are advertising yourself as an expert within your industry, allowing readers to associate you and your real estate business as trustworthy.

Get Everyone Involved

Social networking should never be a one-man-job, the more voices and opinions joining the conversation the better! Get team members and employees on board as brand ambassadors using their own social accounts to re-post, comment, like and share your company’s posts.

This is a big social trend for 2015, especially for commission driven companies such as real estate as it makes perfect sense, every employee is responsible for the success of the business, and in that respect increased visibility and brand awareness helps everyone.

Get Visual

One trend that is really becoming prominent is using visual imagery to tell stories, and is a marketing tool that is becoming more and more important in encouraging audiences and customers to connect, relate and identify with your real estate company.

As 2015 approaches Real Estate professionals should begin to apply more focus to visual social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Google . Don’t be afraid to share videos as well as photos and broadcast your thoughts and opinions to audiences directly using tools like Google Hangouts.

Consider Paid Ads

Social networks are no longer giving it away for free, if you want the right exposure to the right customers you’ve got to pay for it.

The upside is when you do pay for Facebook or Linkedin ads or promoted tweets or pins, you can now make your campaigns highly targeted, meaning now is the perfect time to get ahead with social advertising and begin working towards capturing active online consumers.

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