The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Real Estate

Published: 19 March 2015 (Last modified: 16 April 2015)

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Ultimate Guide to Social for Real Estate

Included in The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Real Estate:

Part 1: Getting Down to Business with LinkedIn

Part 2: How to Advertise Property on Facebook

Part 3: How to Show Your Cards on Twitter

Part 4: Gain Ranking Points on Google Plus

Part 5: Peak Your Prospects' Interest on Pinterest

Real estate is an industry that thrives on person-to-person connection. Estate agents in particular tend to be incredibly brilliant at getting to know clients on a very personal level, getting involved in the local community and connecting with local businesses.

And despite the fact that many real estate agents have already jumped online and created social accounts, a huge number of agents still fail to apply the same relationship building skills they use offline to the ways in which they connect with people online via social media.

“The best real estate marketers think of social online like they do social offline!”

Social media, simply put is a communication tool, it provides a way to further connect with local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts. Social can help agents build trust and credibility, show character and personality and spread marketing efforts through friends of friends and business contacts.

But how and where to get started?

If you’re new to social, and don't want to be left in the dust, one way or another you must get started. But don’t panic, yes it can be daunting at first but you’d be surprised at how quickly you pick it up.

Besides there are several options to choose from to get started on your social media marketing path, you don’t necessarily have to do it alone, you could:

1. Hire an individual or an agency to set up and manage your social networks.

2. Hire someone to do the setup, and train you on the essentials of social media marketing.

3. Educate yourself by reading up on social media marketing on the Internet, and do it yourself.

If you opt for the latter, the first thing to do is to decide which networks to go for. To make it a little easier to decide, we’ve created this five part guide giving you a basic overview of the ones that work well for the real estate industry (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest ) as well as how to use and optimize each channel for your business.

We use all of these social networks for, and all have proven to be useful in generating interest and even leads for the agencies who advertise with us.

Now we understand that as a real estate agent busy managing listings and prospective clients, you may not necessarily have the time to devote to more than one or two social media networks. So I’ve listed these sites in an order that takes into consideration; target audience in terms of demographics such as location, gender, age and interests as well as number of users, ease of use, promotional tools and tools to measure results. Simply because when it comes to social media every business needs to know who they wish to communicate with, how to communicate with them and a way of measuring what does and doesn’t work. Don’t panic if you don’t know what these are, I’ll take you through each of these and introduce you to the best ways to achieve results for the different social networks we cover in this guide.

Now, if you can only manage one site, that's OK. This gives you the ability to fine-tune the way you speak and socialize with your connections on one particular social site. However, at minimum we suggest one social media site. At best, we recommend at least three, and to choose ones with different a different focus: one image oriented, one video oriented, and one where more in-depth content will attract the type of prospective home buyer or seller who wants as much useful and actionable information as possible.

With that said, let’s get on with it shall we? For those of you who are not completely connected online just yet, buckle up and get ready to increase your productivity and sales with your own awesome real estate social presence.

Read Part 1: Getting Down to Business with LinkedIn

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