Use Big Data to Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 14 October 2015

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Big Data

Use Big Data to Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

Firstly, what is 'big data'?

Big data is a buzzword used to refer to the mechanisms companies use to find out more about their consumers. For example, websites you visit for your online shopping routinely collect information on you relating to you and your spending habits, so that information can be used ultimately to sell you more products.

You may have noticed on social media sites, in particular Facebook which has now become more dominated by advertising, that the ads appearing on your wall reflect your shopping or lifestyle preferences. For instance, if you recently purchased a new car you might see ads relating to your recent purchase, offering sat nav systems and accessories and extras for its specific model. Each Facebook user will see different ads on their walls, all specifically relating to them in some way, shape or form.

That's big data in action!

Collecting data from your website users needn't be an underhand practise and there should be nothing malevolent about it either. After all, the reason you want to know more about what kind of properties your visitors are looking at on your website, where they are located and their search criteria etc., is so that you can better match your listed properties with what they're looking for and ultimately provide visitors with a better experience.

Big data is also an excellent way of showing you the way when it comes to your content marketing strategy, an area of huge importance in international property markets. It serves as a valuable resource for effective communication of your prospects and as a result leads to sales, brand loyalty and overall business growth.

Using Big Data to Capture Your Audience

Big data gives marketers and estate agents the most effective ways to communicate to their audience. By testing out campaign strategies and content with a small target portion of your audience before approaching your full audience, you'll better understand what they respond to.

Programs like Optimizely provide testing and optimizing tools that give you actionable data from your content marketing that can increase conversions. The main thing is to test your strategy before fully implementing it so that you can get the best results.

You can empower your estate agency by creating compelling content culled from research because of the multiple benefits. By understanding your target audience's requirements when it comes to property and learning more about issues that matter to prospective home buyers visiting your website, you can shape content so that it connects directly to their interests, socioeconomic profile and other key factors.

Smart use of big data will drive traffic to your website and in turn increase sales conversions

When content increases traffic to your website it attracts more property sellers to list with you, because of the increased and importantly targeted exposure you offer. As your listings grow, there is more to attract even more traffic to your website from prospective buyers and before long, you've organically grown your business by working smart with your big data.

Interesting content is more likely to be shared on social media which hugely aids in strengthening your social media score, bringing attention from external news sources. Big data can give you a large pool of useful information to pull from at a low cost, providing you with an endless supply of engaging content. When you understand your audience in an in-depth, data-driven way, you then have the tools available to improve services to them.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, data is there to be used as a powerful resource and helps you get a closer shot at bullseye with your marketing strategy, increasing your odds of growing your business and your audience in the same breath.

The most important thing is that you will better understand your target audience and the property market you operate in, allowing you to significantly improve your standing as an authority on real estate in your area and organically boost your profile.

Digital marketing as a whole has been a game changer because it is a quantifiable, trackable form of marketing. With some intuition and creativity, the possibilities of how data can be used for content marketing are endless and very exciting.

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