Creating Landing Pages for Effective Lead Generation

Published: 10 August 2017

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Creating Landing Pages for Effective Lead Generation

Creating Landing Pages for Effective Lead Generation

Landing pages are powerful marketing assets that you can leverage with good SEO, Pay per Click (PPC) and social media optimization, (SMO) to generate more new business.

When you partner your landing pages with either Google AdWords or PPC advertising on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can reach very specific demographics of your target audience. If you want to market to people over 50 looking for an investment property for example, you can set your target parameters very specifically when you pay Google or the socials for your advertising.

This kind of marketing mimics the traditional 'word of mouth' technique of reaching your target audience of days gone by.


A landing page acts as a gateway to your estate agency. When you share any content or place your advertising with Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you'll have to submit a landing page as it's where the people who click on your ad will be taken to. The ad is designed to encourage clicks by promising vital information in whatever form of content, be it video or an Infographic or suchlike.

On click-through, the landing page must deliver on what you offered but only after the data you need has been harvested via a short form. This is known in marketing circles as 'gating' content as it mimics the view of the traditional PA as his/her bosses gatekeeper, taking the caller's details in their absence or fielding potential nuisance calls.

Five Essential Elements Every Landing Page Should Have

  1. Your Agency's USP

    Your landing page needs to convey your Unique Selling Proposition or USP which zooms in on what sets you apart from the rest. Perhaps that's your location, specialty or the quality of your research? You can convey your USP in the main headlines, a reinforcing statement and a closing argument but keep it brief.

    With landing pages it's even more important to stick to the KISS rule and 'keep it simple stupid'. This is the main reason you should use landing pages for precision targeting so that you can stick to very specific listings rather than focusing on your entire inventory in one hit. The main purpose of your USP is to set clear expectations for clients and allow them to understand why they should care enough to take further action.

    You should understand that your audience will scan your landing page rather than take time to read it from top to bottom. That's why it's important that your headlines grab attention and deliver a concise message that prompts immediate action. Know what your value proposition is and make it loud and clear on your landing page.

  2. A Good Hero Image

    In marketing parlance, the hero shot is the image or video you use on your landing page to show context. Internet users are extremely visually-led and so the right hero shot should give a good visual representation of what you're offering and can help people better understand what it is. Your original ad encouraged the click to your landing page which should provoke instant action and make it easy to do so.

  3. Show the Benefits Your Estate Agency Offers

    With a good hero image and effective headlines you have effectively grabbed the attention of your prospective client. Now you have to give a little more detail to keep them hooked. Where the headline deals with the 'problem', the main thrust of the rest of the content on your landing page is your offered 'solution'.

    The details of the opportunity are best summarized by using bullet points. They're easy on the eye making them easy to digest. It also prevents you from cramming too much content on your landing page, creating information overload that will send viewers running. Just write a two or three-sentence introduction and then follow-up with no more than 6 bullet points with short sentences alongside.

    If you're writing copy for landing pages it's very difficult to write them well the first time. When there are fewer words involved, it can be harder to construct sentences that get your message across. It's always easier to edit down rather than pad out and so you'll need to go back to your landing page copy a few times to remove any unnecessary verbiage.

  4. Use Social Proof where Possible

    Social proof is basically using social signals to show how you have helped current clients in the past from what you are offering now. It's a powerfully persuasive mechanism that is more likely to encourage conversions to new business.

    Client testimonials are invaluable for promoting your estate agency and it provides a quick and identifiable link for your prospects to someone in a similar situation to their own. Reviews written by your clients are great for establishing trust with prospective ones.

    You can show your evidence of social proof on your landing page. If you're offering a deal on student accommodation for example, feature a related client testimonial on your hero image or another prominent position and you'll stand a better chance of further action being taken.

  5. Your Conversion Goal

    Ultimately, you want anyone reading your landing page who isn't a client already to register to become one and that's your conversion goal. However, your landing pages are designed to appeal to specific demographic segments, so you need to be clear what kind of clients you want to attract with each landing page before you produce it.

    That's why it's important you have a clear call to action or CTA on your landing pages. This is your button prompting viewers to 'FIND OUT MORE' or 'BOOK A VIEWING' and it's critical for your conversion prospects.

    Don't be generic with your CTA with something like 'CLICK HERE' as the button is a way you can manage your prospects' expectations, with clear indications as to why they're clicking on it. Without a call to action on your landing page, there is no purpose to it.

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