Email Marketing for Better Client Retention

Published: 27 July 2017

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Email Marketing for Better Client Retention

Client retention is an issue for many estate agents and there are ways to improve your stats through clever email marketing.
Email marketing has several purposes including:

  • Manage relationships with existing clients
  • Foster trust relationships with future clients
  • Create a sense of community to garner client loyalty
  • Significantly improve your client retention

Keeping a prospect on-board as a client requires relationship management. By consistently communicating with your client community and the wider prospect-base, you can nurture relationships that are based on clear lines of communication between all parties.

It's important that you remain engaged with your retention marketing so as to remain consistent because when you're encouraging loyalty in others, it makes sense to show your loyalty to them and regular emails in their inboxes are a great way of achieving that.

The power of the Newsletter

The internet is a continually evolving marketplace and creative email newsletters allow you to reach your audience in new and different ways. You can build a rapport with your audience through consistently reaching out with compelling newsletters and also support your local community's promotions.

This can be particularly helpful for prospects actively looking to buy or sell property. Because you are consistently hitting their inboxes with entertaining and informative content, you're at the top of their minds when it comes to booking the next viewing.

However, creating the kind of newsletter that is compelling and engaging requires a degree of skill. One of the best things about email newsletters is that you can mix up the kind of content shared in them by using a variety of local property-related content like video, pictures, blogs and exclusive listings to stimulate reader-interest , sometimes featuring your staff with profiles and informal interviews or case studies and testimonials. This technique allows you to create the kind of newsletter your prospects and clients look forward to reading.

A newsletter is a great way of encouraging engagement from subscribers too. If they are aware there's a platform for them to give their individual experiences and reviews of your agency, it is more likely the opportunity will be taken. You can then repurpose that content for your social media marketing with snippets of their comments and their picture, if permission is given. The objective is to get people subscribed to your newsletter and involved in your community going forward. When you're at the forefront of your target audience's minds, they'll remember you when it comes to anything property-related in your area.

Your Audience is Completely Aware of What you have to Offer

You can use email marketing to tell your audience exactly what's on offer in your area and answer any other questions they may have too. Perhaps someone has a mortgage issue they aren't aware you can meet the needs of or they need a structural engineer and don't know who to call? To retain your prospects effectively, it's good to keep them in the loop with email marketing so they know exactly where to come when they need you.


Email marketing significantly improves your connection with your prospects and clients while allowing you to present your brand's 'personality' to your public. This creates a true sense that you're always there when you're needed which translates into increased business and strong retention levels over the years.

Clever email marketing strategies also provide your audience with compelling reasons for loyalty to your agency. Once you have got new prospects through the door, it's not always easy keeping them in the face of rising competition in the real estate sector. You can use your email marketing strategy to provide you with the perfect platform to nurture your current and future clients to ensure their loyalty for years to come.

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" We don’t do external marketing, we believe the industry has become more targeted and personalized and therefore moved away from what lead generation companies usually offer and deliver. We’d rather have one lead that fits what we’re looking for, than thousands that bring us no valuable customers. With it was different, we wanted to find someone to work with us who had a mutual understanding of our needs, Mark Courtney was just that, persistent and professional, he delivered. In an ever-changing market, with the continuous progress of the internet – the team helped look into the problems we were facing, as opposed to just selling their products. "
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