How Estate Agents Can Get the Most from YouTube

Published: 05 November 2015

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Get the most from Youtube

How Estate Agents Can Get the Most from YouTube

Ever since YouTube was bought by Google and integrated the powerful marketing tools available through Google , a new world of opportunity has opened up for estate agents.

Marketing and selling real estate is a sensory experience and how better can you communicate your listings from a distance than through the power of video. Harness that with the overall domination of Google and its potential to propel your estate agency to the dizzy heights of search results pages, and it's almost impossible to believe that there is absolutely no cost implication beyond dedicating a few minutes of your time each day.

By uploading your listings to your YouTube channel, you can build your brand, assert your authority and attract new business. The powerful alliance of YouTube and Google provides you with a platform that has considerable value as a source of lead generation.

Being owned by Google, YouTube naturally index and list YouTube videos high up in their search results. Your videos can give you instantly bigger exposure based on this fact alone. If you've ever done a search on google, if there are videos on YouTube that address your query within their content description and keywords, then those videos will appear on page one of the google results.

Below are some super simple tips to help you get the most from your YouTube channel which you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy to increase traffic to your website and generate valuable leads!

Choose the Right Video

Video length plays a big part in the success of your campaign. Videos that are 2-3 minutes and longer have the advantage of really engaging viewers which helps spur them on to take action.

Don't worry about being too long because a video longer than 20 minutes can also succeed! The important thing is to hook the viewer into the video at the beginning or use mechanisms to keep your audience in suspense until towards the end.

You can test different lengths and keep an eye on YouTube Insight stats to track the drop off times to ensure you have maximum attention when it matters most.

Optimise your Channel Page

Once you have your video uploaded, it's time to tackle your channel page. Use this space to provide more information about your estate agency, share links to your key landing pages or social media sites and post related videos.

Bear in mind that attention spans are generally shorter among YouTube viewers and so the videos displayed on your YouTube channel should be compelling and interesting for your audience.

It's easy to improve conversion rates direct from your channel with the single most valuable piece of advertising real estate on your page being YouTube's Clickable Channel Banner. You can harness this space to upload a banner that has a clear call to action, which will drive up clicks to your website and increase your conversions without having to spend anything! Even if viewers aren't fully engaging with your video, this banner can serve as a free ad to increase your conversion chances.

Select the Right Keywords

When uploading your videos, you can pack your video description with relevant keywords that relate to your real services, a property in particular, or any other relevant information that you think visitors may be searching for. YouTube can literally work as a traffic generator in its own right.

YouTube is higher up in the sales funnel in that you are introducing yourself to fresh prospects and so gearing keywords related to the discovery stage – the point when you are first encountered by a prospect – is your best way forward. Ensure you choose broader keywords and shorter keyword phrases that directly relate to viewers considering a real estate transaction

Use the YouTube keyword tool to get additional suggestions for keywords rather than relying on the AdWords keyword tool or only copying keywords from your existing SEO campaigns. Take keywords that have proven to work well and mix in additional keywords suggested by the keyword tool.

Leverage YouTube Annotations Effectively

Annotations are YouTube features allowing you to display calls to action or links to external websites or other videos on your YouTube channel that you can choose to display at selected points in your video. They are a great way to hold a dialogue with your YouTube viewers by encouraging them to take an action while they're watching a video. When used correctly, annotations can improve engagement, viewership and help you grow your audience.

You can use annotations to add commentary or highlight information at any point in the video. The design is flexible and you can control where they appear and when they appear and disappear when your video is being viewed.

For the purpose of conversion rate optimization, there are two great ways to use annotations.

  • Showcase a call to action with a link to your site at key points during the video. While the default setting allows for links to be clickable only to other links within YouTube, having a simple URL to an external website can still be effective.
  • Drive clicks to related videos during the last few seconds of your video. Since these videos are all on YouTube, the links will automatically be clickable and are a great way to keep people engaged to learn more about your estate agency and its listings. Simply make your video run 15 seconds longer with just a white background and then layer on the annotations via YouTube in a compelling design. They're also easy to edit on the fly should you want to switch around your videos.

Build Trust through Community Management

To see an added boost in conversions, building trust is crucial. YouTube's community thrives on comments and input from viewers and responding to them serves to enhance the authority and trustworthiness of your brand.

Respond in a timely manner to any questions or comments posted on your video and see how that spurs on increased engagement and clicks to your website. It doesn't have to be a time consuming task either and you can set aside just 20 minutes each day for your YouTube community management and still be effective.

In Summary

YouTube is a great tool for estate agents to drive traffic and new business prospects to websites and social media channels with the huge benefit of presenting your properties in the best possible light to potential buyers.

The property market is increasingly about improving your reach in terms of marketing outside your local area to potential investors from further afield and when you can offer easy access to YouTube videos that provide the viewer with a wealth of visual and audio information relating specifically to what you have on offer, it's more likely to lead to a conversion.

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