Getting the Most from Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Published: 19 July 2017

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Getting  the Most from Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Getting the Most from Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Paid-advertising with Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter or any of the emerging platforms is a necessary evil if you want your agency to be profitable. The trouble is that the sellers of pay-per-click or PPC advertising make the process seem like a piece of cake to the degree that it's all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking you've got a handle on it when you haven't.

The benefits of PPC are significant because you are always guaranteed great visibility and positioning on search results pages - if you know what you're doing that is.

There are an abundance of options and techniques for PPC advertising making the world of marketing difficult to navigate in the 21st Century, which is why care has to be taken to avoid what can quickly become very expensive mistakes. Nevertheless, a little healthy PPC advertising can go a long way to generate new leads and boost your profits.

Beware of Expensive Mistakes

As mentioned above, PPC advertising can seem easy when you're first looking into it and that's naturally because the purveyors of this potentially very expensive form of advertising are seeking to maximize your ad spend. It is incredibly easy to make simple mistakes and once the PPC campaign is launched and the clicks start coming, each click represents more money evaporating from your advertising spend.

For a start, it's very easy to bid on the wrong keywords, particularly in the real estate sector which has such a wide vocabulary of its own. With such a huge industry covering the whole of the country, it's too easy to assume you know what the keywords will be for someone searching for property services. It's also important to remember that the advances of technology allow for intelligent questioning on search engines and that means user queries are becoming more and more specific.

How Search Engines Work is Constantly Changing

There are also rapidly increasing numbers of search enquiries using voice-recognition, with people dictating their questions to Google from their smartphones. That means that where keywords were king in the past and nothing else mattered, now it's all about key phrases and that has completely changed the face of how PPC advertising works today. When you make mistakes in choosing the settings for your PPC campaign you end up driving the wrong kind of traffic to your website, wasting valuable clicks in the process.

Another expensive mistake is not having a clear understanding of Quality Score or QS. There's a misconception with PPC that the higher the bid, the more leads will be generated but that's never been the case. The reality is that the positioning of your ad is dependent on the QS and if it's not up to par, you'll be wasting your AdWords spend. Google is all about improving its user experience at the moment and they are constantly changing the goal posts when it comes to quality control. If your ad isn't up to scratch, they'll still take your money but you can expect a very poor result.


There is considerable online saturation in the property sector which is why a strong PPC marketing strategy can make a significant difference. You can reliably manage your advertising budget by establishing clear objectives for each campaign together with a target marketing ROI. Then you can maximize the value of your advertising spend with optimized PPC ads that usually realize a better conversion rate.

There are more opportunities for PPC advertising within the property market emerging all the time; each method providing you with a platform to deliver your marketing messages to finely-targeted audiences. Because there's a cost implication it's vital that you have a PPC strategy that delivers measurable results for each individual campaign and that should be clearly visible in your bottom line figure.

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