How Automated Marketing Nurtures New Leads

Published: 15 August 2017

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How Automated Marketing Nurtures New Leads

How Automated Marketing Nurtures New Leads

Automated marketing is an ultra-functional organizational tool for an estate agent that allows you to tailor and refine your messaging to reach current and future clients with more specific focus. This kind of marketing system not only provides automated processes for common tasks like scheduling viewings and sending reminders but that also streamlines delivery of specific content to individual clients that is responsive to their property needs.

Marketing automation software presents several opportunities for you to effortlessly become more proactive and responsive to the needs and requirements of your existing and prospective clients. If you imagine the amount of paperwork your business generates for both marketing and administration, it's easy to see how automating many of those processes makes sound financial sense. We are also increasingly operating in an environment where consumers expect consistent communication, which makes the benefits of automated systems valuable and measurable.

Key Features and Functions of Custom Marketing Automation

  • You can automate your messaging for routine tasks to present an efficient face to your clients and hook prospective ones in to your estate agents by making your services easy to access and use. You can also get real-time alerts to both agents and clients based on parameters, which can save delays in viewing schedules or convey last-minute changes to bookings already made. This allows you flexibility at times when you have a particularly heavy workload by having open lines of communication that operates on real-time.
  • Client retention is improved through consistently responding to general requests in a uniform and timely way with automated marketing processes. You are also able to see who is viewing your website and how long they're spending reading particular content which allows you to refine targeting for future marketing campaigns. You can nurture your prospects with content that is ‘drip-fed' consistently to encourage conversion and through automated marketing; you can identify very small and specific prospect groups.
  • The content and messages you schedule with your automated marketing system should always represent value to your clients. Whether it's a routine admin procedure such as passing on contact information for a financial advisor or solicitor, communicating the right message to the right person at the right time is crucial and automated marketing systems allow you to do that.

What are the Benefits for Estate Agents?

Personalizing your marketing campaigns based on individual client's needs enables you to communicate effectively based on specific prospect information like location, age, buying/selling history and viewing appointments allowing you to reach out through email and even text messaging and voicemail.

Delivering High-Quality Content via Marketing Automation

You can link individual client or prospect records to an automated email system which allows you to provide the highest standard of content to specific target groups. You can even schedule individual emails based upon actions taken such as a prospect booking a viewing via the internet. By delivering interesting, compelling and engaging content as well as routine notices and announcements through automated processes, you underpin and strengthen your estate agent's prospect community, representing excellent marketing ROI.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that automated marketing is possibly one of the best methods of reaching your audience and showing them what you are made of. You can discover what each of your prospects want and then deliver the most appropriate and effective messages to them for more meaningful relationships. You can also organize your valuable prospect data to make it easier to action and consolidate your communication to create marketing experiences as unique as each of your clients.

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" We don’t do external marketing, we believe the industry has become more targeted and personalized and therefore moved away from what lead generation companies usually offer and deliver. We’d rather have one lead that fits what we’re looking for, than thousands that bring us no valuable customers. With it was different, we wanted to find someone to work with us who had a mutual understanding of our needs, Mark Courtney was just that, persistent and professional, he delivered. In an ever-changing market, with the continuous progress of the internet – the team helped look into the problems we were facing, as opposed to just selling their products. "
- Thomas Harper - Founding Partner and Sales Director