How to lead new leads to your website

Published: 11 May 2016

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How to lead new leads to your website

How to lead new leads to your website

As an estate agent a steady flow of new leads is crucial in order to keep on selling properties - after all, once you've sold the perfect property to a prospect it's likely to be many years before they're in the market for another new property again.

If you've followed our recent articles on welcoming and communicating to new leads you'll be equipped with all the know-how to provide a first class welcome journey for your new leads - but how do you find those new leads in the first place?

You could create an all singing, all dancing website that showcases your agency and properties to the highest level and includes a cast iron sign up process. But if you simply put this out there on the internet and wait for the leads to come rolling in you could have a long wait on your hands.

Getting leads to your website in the first place is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome and with thousands of websites out there, if you don't invest time - and in some cases, funds - in making your website visible and attracting leads to it, your hard efforts in creating the website could be wasted.

Here we will show you three methods for getting leads to your website that are in the market for buying a property.

First things first

Before you embark on any method for generating new leads to your website you need to make sure your website has been submitted to Google. You may think that by simply putting your website out there, Google will find it and add it to its search listings, but you need to tell Google that it exists and to look out for it when it prepares search results. This is actually far more easy than it sounds and how to do this can be found here on Google's support pages.

Boost your organic leads

How often do you find yourself searching for something on Google and looking beyond the first page or two the results? If the answer is 'rarely' then that is probably the same for potential new leads. To get them to your website from a Google or Bing search you need your website to appear at least on the first two pages.

Getting to grips with search engine optimisation may seem like a minefield, particularly when you consider that most of the major players on the internet will have whole teams of experts in the field, constantly keeping their website on the top spot. But, fortunately there are some techniques you can employ too boost your rankings in the search.

Firstly, think about what people are likely to be searching for. Unless they are aware of your agency it's unlikely they'll be searching for you by name. Instead they may be searching for estate agents in your particular location or perhaps they're searching for 'two bedroom apartments in Kent' or 'buy a house in Leeds'. Once you know what potential prospects are looking for you can start to include these 'keywords' in your content.

But, do this with caution. You need to weave your keywords naturally into your content and they must fit well within the context of your content. If you simply repeat search terms or shoehorn them in to content that isn't relevant you could see your rankings drop instead of climb.

Think about the other things your new prospects will be searching on when looking for a property. If they are new to the area they will likely be researching the location, perhaps looking for schools or local amenities or transport links. They may also be looking for supporting services like home removals.

Featuring supporting content on your website about the area and on related topics people are likely to be searching on is a great way of getting leads to your website and ultimately looking at your property listings.

If you know local business that offer complementary services, such as removals, offer to feature a link to their business in return for them linking to your website. Genuine and natural links back to your website from relevant other sites can also help to boost your rankings.

Pay per click

Search engine optimisation is a great way to get more visitors to your website - and for free. But it doesn't provide instant results, it could be six months or more before the results really start to pay off and, even then, you need to remain on top of it at all times to retain your position in the search rankings.

A far quicker method to generate new leads to your website is by using PPC (pay per click). With this method you create a text ad that appears either at the top or at the side of a Google search and links through to your website and you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

This method gives you far more exposure as it can give you an almost instant presence on the first page of Google and doesn't require the same amount of legwork. Using Google's Adwords you can determine how much you want to spend on a daily basis and you can set Google to 'bid' for ads on your behalf.

Setting up your first Google Adwords campaign is actually relatively straight forward and Google's support pages will take you through the steps. However, to really get the full benefit from PPC ads and to create the perfect ad, that gets the top spot among the ads and that attracts the right people to click and all at a reasonable cost can take a lot of experience and know how.

Paid-for mailers

Another great method to acquire new leads is through paid-for mailers, targeted specifically at those with an active interest in property purchase. This method allows you to send an email, either showcasing your agency or a specific property or selection of properties directly to the inboxes of potential buyers and investors who are receptive to receiving marketing emails.

There are two different approaches available and usually agencies will either offer one method or the other: you can purchase or rent an email list from a provider and send your email through your usual email software or you can choose to have the email sent on your behalf.

Purchasing or renting a list usually allows you complete control over the send and usually you have the option to email recipients several times. However, you are emailing a 'cold' list and while all recipients on the list should have opted in to receive emails from third parties, they may not always remember or be aware you have permission to email them, so the results can sometimes be poor.

The alternative method of sending your email via the list provider can often gain better results because you're emailing a warmer, more receptive audience and your email is sent from the familiar email address of the company they signed up with.

Here at we have been carrying out targeted email campaigns for 14 years and not only have we built an impressive, fully opted in database but also we have gained a fantastic sender reputation during this time.

We can offer a full design service, which is mobile device friendly and fully tested to achieve the very best response.

If you wish to learn more about the services we provide Real Estate Agents, Property Developers and Brokers, please contact us for more information.

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