The Secrets of Successful SEO in 2017

Published: 08 August 2017

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The Secrets of Successful SEO in 2017

The Secrets of Successful SEO in 2017

Research shows that around 60% of internet users use Google for their property searches. For that reason, it's important that you're on Google's radar so that when property-related search queries are made in your area, you rank high in the results pages. You can do this with search engine optimization or SEO.

What exactly is SEO?

This is the process by which your website is enhanced to improve its visibility to search engines like Google and Bing so that it achieves the highest ranking possible on the first results page. Google has updated its algorithm to improve its user experience and consequently changed the face of good SEO practice.

These days, stringing keywords together anyhow is considered 'Black Hat SEO' and Google are not above imposing huge fines on any shady techniques used to boost search rankings. For 2017, the SEO emphasis is very much on the quality and value of content on your website.

What are the Benefits of SEO for Estate Agents?

Good SEO affords you a really cost-effective way of reaching prospective clients and driving new business. Around 77% of people make comparisons online through search queries before contacting an estate agent and you want to capitalize on these searches.

SEO effectively gives you a big voice on the infinitely huge platform that is the internet and that increases your authority in the real estate sector, while bringing new business through your doors. You can also lock your target in by location with SEO by using targeted location phrases like 'Surrey retirement homes' to filter your audience even more.

Content and SEO

When you create unique content for your website, you can become an authority and influencer in your local property sector. Creating blogs, videos, case studies, client testimonials, agent profiles as well as the latest real estate news will ensure that your website is engaging enough for a user to convert to a client.

Use SEO to Generate Leads

For many estate agents, the principal objective of SEO is to attract new business. You can use your website's content to do this by targeting keywords and phrases across the property spectrum to cast your net wide over the demographic you want to target.

Make sure you have keyword-rich Meta tags, URLs and titles for pages and images and ensure your Meta descriptions describe exactly what the content is about. This is the most effective way to generate new leads organically through your website and represents a good marketing ROI.

Make it Responsive!

If your website doesn't scale to the screen size of the device it's being viewed with, it's obsolete and Google will look at it negatively. That's because the majority of people access the internet from handheld devices like smartphones and tables. Your website has to be clearly visible and easy to navigate no matter what it's being viewed on to be truly responsive. Google now incorporates mobile-responsiveness into its ranking criteria making this an issue that can't be ignored.

Create the Right Content on your Website

When you're improving your website's SEO, it helps to put yourself in the visitor's shoes. It helps to ask yourself what kind of information you would want to see to persuade you to take further action?

The kind of information you should consider including are the key points about your listings and local area and generally creating a community feel with plenty of engaging content and lots of images.

It's a good idea to have a dedicated listings page so that you can highlight everything you have to offer. This loads your pages with keyword-rich content that is highly visible to search engines and also encourages new clients to pick up the phone to find out more.


People who work in the real estate sector are vocational and have a passion for what they do. To generate the kind of content that is the most effective SEO for your website, you simply have to transfer your passion, knowledge and experience into your writing. By being experts in your field and conveying that with your online presence, you'll attract new business organically through the power of your website's SEO.

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