Alternative Investments

Are you looking to invest in something a bit little different? Something to diversify your current investment portfolio? Every investors needs are different – whether you are looking for high returns, guaranteed income, explosive capital growth or simply to spread your investment capital to hedge against current market conditions – alternative investments often the key. Over the coming months we will be bringing you the latest alternative investments on offer from around the globe.

We will be adding a number of investment opportunities including;

  • Storage Space
  • Car Parks
  • Agricultural Investments
  • Carbon Credits
  • Rare Metals and many more Alternative Investments Section is soon to become the only place to find your next investment, outside of property.

Purchase plots below market value
One of the last remaining available cemeteries in London
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Low entry from only £9,600
Asset backed opportunity
Returns can be absorbed into capital gains tax allowance
Demand for burial plots outstripping supply
Large catchment area with very little competition
Fixed 40% return over 8-24 months
Developer assured buyback included
Secured investment through legal charge
Fully managed hands off investment
Cemetery opens in September so early investment could see your returns back sooner
Phase 1 completely sold out
Phase 2 now available while stocks last
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Burial space might not be at the top of your investment list, but it should be
Due to a rising population and limited supply of land, burial space across the capital and the UK is quickly running out.
Government figures have already highlighted the problem as a critical concern, with current forecasts suggesting all space in Greater London could be exhausted by 2021.
A rare opportunity has now become available to invest in one of Greater London's last remaining available cemeteries which is being extended to accommodate further demand.
Early investors are invited to purchase plots below market value and receive a fixed and fully managed 40% return within 24 months.
Hurry, availability is limited
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Approximate currencies on 30/08/2016
9,600 £ | 11.235 € | 12.555 $