Alternative Investments

Aston Darby - The Power Behind Investment

Aston Darby provides a series of exclusive and off-market investments that are made available for purchase by our National and International Investors.
With a combined total of over 100 years' experience with Projects ranging from 5 - 750 million GBP, we bring with us a considerable advantage for our investors in what is a very highly competitive market.

What is an Alternative Investment?

An alternative investment is an investment in anything other than Bonds, Stocks and Cash. So, investments in to precious metals such as gold and silver, investments in to coins, stamps, art, wine and many more are in the alternative investments segment.

Although property has long been established as a standard investment, the alternative investment side to this includes one of the most popular opportunities currently available on the market today; investing in to Car Park spaces.

Car Parks are a very popular choice, averaging a sales price of only 25,000 GBP and offering returns set from 8% upwards over a varying period of time. Lease terms, however, can vary greatly, but with access to car park spaces with leases lasting 999 years from Aston Darby, there's amazing potential for high returns over a longer period of time.

The placement of the Car Park is incredibly important. Airports such as Manchester and Glasgow have between them some of the highest traveler numbers not only throughout the UK, but also the world, making this type of investment very appealing to the savvy investor. There is a huge undersupply for what is, until now, a relatively untapped opportunity, and to show you in more detail the perfect opportunity that is on offer, have a look at the figures below and see if you can afford not to invest:

Aston Darby are not only the agent or master agent for this opportunity, we are the actual owners of these sites. Not only that, but due to the outstanding offer and the uptake that has been experienced so far, we have other Prime sites throughout the UK already in the process of being purchased, in order as to offer our investors more incredible opportunities for years to come.

For further information on this opportunity, or to discuss any of the other investment opportunities that we can offer to you, please complete the form to the right of this page, and one of our qualified representatives will be in touch with you shortly. Or feel free to send an email through to or call 44 1204 589 111