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It is unsurprising that Australia is such a sought after real estate location when we consider figures from the Foreign Office that state 800,000 British nationals visit Australia yearly. With some 11,200 Britons emigrating to Australia each year, property in Australia has long been a favourite amongst those seeking a classic Australian lifestyle: relaxed and with an abundance of outdoor living, beautiful beaches and a hot climate.

In fact, over the years Australia has been regarded mainly as an emigration location but today many home buyers are purchasing wisely in carefully selected real estate locations in Australia that will provide them the worthwhile long term returns and supply an ever increasing demand for rental properties. The strong sterling allows you to buy a lot for your money in Australian property and, if you so wish, an enviable new lifestyle.

Find out more about property in Australia and investment property in Australia by using the links below. Our online property showroom includes property in Australia and offers a wide choice of searchable Australian property opportunities. These range from luxury villas, apartments, townhouses and penthouses to plots of land for you to choose from. Property investment opportunities are available in Australia, including off plan developments along with vital research tools allowing members to make intelligent property investment decisions.

Australian Property Market Overview

The sheer magnitude and diversity of the country gives rise to a wide range of property options all over Australia. Trends and local property markets have historically been through changes and today, home buyers in Australia are focusing on niche areas where the economy is booming and the job market is strong, attracting large numbers of interstate and international migrants. New arrivals are boosting demand for rentals as well as home purchases and keeping the property market buoyant in these areas.

While property in some cities such as Sydney went through a peak in late 2003, due, in part to a significant rise in interest rates, they are now experiencing a slump and many experts predict that property prices here are still due to fall by some 20% in the next year. Meanwhile other areas such as the western coast and North Queensland are witnessing their own property booms in compensation. Here homebuyers are finding beautiful properties and lifestyles in areas where their money will go far further.

Australian Property Investment

Many investors question the suitability of Australia as a profitable opportunity today in view of very high interest rates and prices that have sky rocketed out of all proportion in some locations. House prices in most areas are at a record high in relation to income levels in Australia and this has made property ownership less achievable for many Australians. This has increased the demand for rental accommodation, thus creating a ripe buy-to-let market. In fact the demand is so high in some major cities, rental prices are firmly set to increase, making any purchase into a buy-to-let property market potentially profitable.

Australia still has pockets of investment opportunity that need to be carefully researched and sought out to provide some excellent returns on investment. For example, in 2006 Perth property prices rose by between 36.6% and a staggering 42% and commercial properties in cities such as Brisbane and Perth are also currently offering many excellent investment opportunities.

"Pure investment" strategies are viable options in many areas, enabling you to purchase off-plan property in Australia at the best possible prices. Investors purchasing as early as possible with a minimum "money-down" payment and then selling prior to completion are gaining substantial profits.

Reasons why property in Australia is a good investment

  • Excellent, temperate climate, with an amazing average 3,000 hours of sunshine per year
  • Unspoilt beaches, tropical rainforest, rugged mountains, deserts and sun-baked horizons
  • Stable both economically and politically
  • GDP on par with most European countries
  • English is the national language and legal and business environment based on the British system
  • Well established legal and property buying process
  • High capital returns in key investment areas
  • Fantastic, healthy lifestyle with abundance of outdoor pursuits, eg. swimming, fishing, cycling, jogging, bushwalking and more
  • High rental demand due to current high property prices
  • Interest only mortgages on offer for 5 or even 10 year periods
  • Population growth and rising incomes ensure the demand for housing outpaces supply, causing prices to rise.
  • Regulated investment markets that are transparent and low risk
  • Favourable Sterling exchange rate (typically 1 GBP = 2.3 AU$)

Homebuyers in Australia

Foreign property purchasers in Australia are traditionally those who look to emigrate to Australia in search of a new lifestyle. Migration of Britons to areas such as Perth has soared over the last two years, while one third of immigrants originate from the British Isles.
The job market in Australia is positive for Britons, further encouraging the influx of new arrivals. Immigrants look to supply a wide skills shortage that has hit Australia, due to a low birthrate and an ageing population. The Australian government welcomes immigration from professionals such as accountants, IT specialists, chefs, medical professionals, welders, plasterers and hairdressers.

Many local homebuyers are currently priced out of their own marketplace due to high interest rates and soaring house prices. Yet demand for housing priced at over one million dollars is very intense, creating a particular niche market where interest rate rises do not affect this wealth bracket. Meanwhile there remains an increasing demand for housing in Australia and this factor creates great investment potential for buy-to-let purchasers in Australian real estate today.

Australia Property Hotspots

Properties located in the major Australian cities and coastal homes valued well above AUD 1-2 million are high in demand and remain least affected by negative economic effects on the Australian property market in general today. Western Australia, in and around the city of Perth, is targeted as a property hotspot and many immigrants are considering this thriving and well served city as an alternative option to previous years when today’s overpriced Sydney was their chosen destination. Other rising markets in Australia are currently to be found in Darwin and parts of north Queensland.

As in all countries, due to the fact that there is only a finite supply of coastal property and the majority of Australia’s circa 20.3 million citizens inhabit areas concentrated around the coast, seaside real estate in Australia will invariably offer positive long term investment opportunity.

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