Guide To Property In Australia

This section provides general guide to property in Australia and the practicalities of living there. If you are considering a property purchase in Australia, you will learn some interesting facts about your potential new home or investment location.

Area Guide to Australia

Area Guide to AustraliaThis is a general overview of Australia and includes useful information on location, history and climate.

Travelling to Australia

Travelling to Australia

This page contains important information if you are travelling to Australia. It includes a breakdown of airlines and airports from the UK.

Australia Facts & Figures

Australia Facts and Figures

View a comprehensive breakdown of interesting data regarding Australia.

Download Guide to Australia (PDF)

Download Guide to Australia

Do you want find out more about Australia? Download our free guide to Australia in Adobe PDF format.

Australian Healthcare

Information about healthcare in Australia, that is vital for anyone looking to spend an extended period in Australia.

Driving in Australia

Learn about the driving situation in Australia and what factors you need to be aware of for safe road travel in Australia.

Banking in Australia

Here we describe the banking system and services available in Australia.

Australian Cuisine

This page will whet your appetite for the most popular culinary delights of Australia.

Crime and Police in Australia

This page provides general information about the crime situation in Australia and makes you aware of any crimes that could take place.

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