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What You Should Know About Vacancy Rates and Rents in Australia

Property investors in Australia seem to have a not-so-great understanding about the rental rates and vacancy rates across Australia. The problem ensues when these investors become disappointed with the lesser amount of money that they earned from renting their properties....   
15 April 2013

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Golden Renovation Rules – Australia

Property and renovation enthusiasts may recall The Block, a recent popular television series, where four couples performed three months of intensive home renovations with the goal of selling their homes at a net profit....   
07 February 2013

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Will Australia See a Housing Boom?

Many commentators have suggested that now interest rates in Australia are at a historically low level, a property boom could be in the offing, when only a few months ago, it was a distant possibility....   
21 November 2012

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Executive Real Estate Hurt by Uncertain Economy

With a slowdown in the real estate market, high end properties are on a down hill trend. Like a house that feels the effects of a strong earthquake, blue chip suburbs are inevitably feeling the effect of this uncertain economy. With the instability of the economy, high end real estate properties in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are definitely taking a big hit. It is uncertain how long this downward trend will continue.   
20 September 2012

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Better Economic News to be found in Employment, Housing and SMSF Sectors

The global economic picture continues to improve almost everywhere, and Australia is no exception. With hiring rates and housing prices both on the rise, and the value of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) remain steady with solid rules in terms of the types of residential and other investments that can be made as part of the SMSF.   
28 August 2012

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