Natural Factors In Australia

Australia boasts a wealth of natural factors that make it such a popular destination. Below are some natural factors to be considered when examining the investment potential of Australia.

Natural Beauty

One of Australia's biggest attractions is its natural beauty. Landscapes vary from endless sun-baked horizons, to unspoilt beaches, to dense tropical rainforest. Australia is also famous for the remote outback of its interior with rugged mountain ranges and its vast deserts. It is in fact a country of vast contrasts that appeal to all tastes and should be taken into account when considering investment property in Australia.

As the Australian landmass separated from the other continents over 50 million years ago, indigenous animal species have developed within a unique habitat, creating an abundance of wildlife not found anywhere else in the world.


Australia features a wide range of climatic zones from the tropical regions of the north, the arid interior, to more temperate regions in the south. With an amazing average of 3,000 hours sunshine per year, the climate gives rise to a pleasant outdoor lifestyle and healthy living so popular amongst families looking ot relocate to Australia.


Foreign Office figures state that 800,000 British nationals visit Australia yearly and some 11,200 Britons emigrate there each year. They seek the classic Australian lifestyle: relaxed and with an abundance of outdoor living, beautiful beaches and a hot climate. They enjoy a wide variety of active pursuits, including swimming, fishing, cycling, jogging, bushwalking and more.


Scattered along the coasts, Australia’s cities blend a European taste for art and culture with food and a laid-back love of sport and the great outdoors.

Australia's cultural mix continues to diversify with more than 20% of its population having been born overseas. This gives Australia a rich diversity in its population and much of its character.

English is the national language and the legal and business environments are based on the British system, making a property purchase and relocation to Australia an easy option.


Australia is well served by its six major airports at Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Just under thirty airlines fly to Australia from the UK alone and budget tickets can be reserved to Australia from many European locations.

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