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Research And Information

Research And Information

Take a look at why Belize has become so popular with property investors. Here you can learn what is fueling the investment boom and view information that will allow you to understand how this will be sustained in the future.

Investment Property in Belize:

With Belize being one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and being considered the most affordable Caribbean market, there is no surprise that so much attention has been focussed on the country lately. Belize also offers a very generous retirement program, known as the QRP, which helps attracting new residents from North America and beyond, thereby increasing the demand for new quality housing and the opportunity to build new homes.

Reasons to Invest in Belize:

Belize is widely recognized as a private-enterprise led economy, with very few restrictions on foreigners owning- and operating businesses in the country, as well as no restrictions on property ownership.
Very favourable tax laws and the ability to repatriate 100% of your earnings has made the country a very attractive base for financial service companies, the insurance industry, banks, as well as wealth management – but there are also opportunities available in a wide range of industries.

The economy is growing at a good rate, and the demand for property in Belize has increased significantly, as foreign retirees are able to take advantage of Belize’s “QRP” opportunity, which allows you to retire in the country without investing in a business, working in a highly skilled job etc – it is the only “pure” retirement visa in the Caribbean.

Belize also has a VERY rapidly growing demand from eco-tourism operators, who come to the country to explore the large untouched rainforests, go hiking, and experience some of the best diving sites in the world.

The seven most dominant sectors offering the best opportunity as has been identified by Beltraide ( are:

  • Tourism accommodation
  • Agribusiness
  • Information & Communication technology
  • Energy
  • Creative handicrafts
  • Business & Professional services
  • Consumer products (Import/Export & Distribution)

Strategic advantages of investing in Belize:

  • Bilingual work force (English & Spanish)
  • Investor friendly climate
  • Easy to form new companies, allows 100% foreign ownership
  • Long history of political stability
  • Abundance of natural resources
  • Well trained work force, available at very competitive rates
  • Easy access to Government incentives
  • Modern banking & telecommunication systems
  • Currency pegged to the USD
  • Ability to repatriate earnings
  • Strategic location with access to many international markets

Buying Development Land in the Path of Growth:

Across the world for generations, the “smart money” has focused much of its attention on buying development land in the path of growth, to be able to create a maximum return on investment.

Building costs in Belize are significantly lower than in the UK and US (roughly $60 per sq.ft) so a savvy investor can also choose to exit out by building a home for resale when the time is right.

Holding costs for land are much lower than for a finished property, and you also have no issues with maintenance, insurance, high taxes etc. – you simply hold on to the asset for as long as desired, and when you are ready to sell we can put you in touch with local brokers.

Research and Information

Belize Investment Research

We have done the research to enable you to source useful information and articles on Belize property investment. Learn how Belizian off-plan investment properties can be a great asset to your investment portfolio.

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