Belize Investment Growth

As an investor it is important to consider the growth potential of your chosen property in Belize and understand exactly what drives this growth

The general economy of Belize is very much reliant on trade with North America, and as the economy of the US and Canada are starting to recover after the financial “crash”, Belize is also set to see further growth. It is worth noting that although the financial meltdown still had an impact in Belize, the economy still kept on growing, and the country is experiencing one of the fastest population growth rates in the western world.

The economy is shifting to be much focused on tourism and also a rapidly growing service industry, and not as focused on manufacturing, sugar cane and other industries. The country also has a very good banking system with both local- and international banks, and the country is increasingly becoming known as one of the last few “tax havens”, and there are many IBCs (International Banking Companies) incorporated here that are making use of the banking facilities.

Eco-tourism as well as diving and hiking are very popular in the country and are presenting great business opportunities for entrepreneurs coming to Belize.

Strategic advantages of investing in Belize:

  • Bilingual work force (English & Spanish)
  • Investor friendly climate
  • Easy to form new companies, allows 100% foreign ownership
  • Long history of political stability
  • Abundance of natural resources
  • Well trained work force, available at very competitive rates
  • Easy access to Government incentives
  • Modern banking & telecommunication systems
  • Currency pegged to the USD
  • Ability to repatriate earnings
  • Strategic location with access to many international markets

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