Investment Finance For Belize

Various financial options are available when considering an investment in Belize property

Investment Finance in Belize

Interest rates in Belize remain high (11-13%) as of early 2013, and although the availability of mortgages has increased, these are still mostly aimed at the local market and buyers looking to buy a home in Belize to be used as a primary residence.

Equity Release

Most purchasers in Belize are investing using cash, which can be obtained by doing an equity release on your own home, without having to move out. This is in many cases the most affordable and easy way to obtain financing if you are not in a position to invest with cash.

Please visit our Belize mortgages page to find out more about getting a mortgage in Belize.

Not everybody falls into a category and some investors will need to raise alternative finance to equity release or mortgage options. There are other borrowing facilities available to purchasers of investment property in Belize.

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