Tax Information For Belize

When buying investment property in Belize, a good tax advisor and general knowledge of the tax system are important in order to make a wise investment decision

Tax Information for Belize:

Belize is known globally as a Tax Haven and has some of the most favourable tax laws anywhere in the world. While this information has been prepared to the best of our ability, it is always recommended to consult your own ta advisor prior to making an investment, as your individual situation may be different to what is being presented here.

We can also assist you in forming a Local Company (Limited Company, or Ltd) or an International Business Company, for the purpose of investing in Belizean property.

Capital Gains Tax:

There is currently no Capital Gains Taxes in Belize

Transfer Taxes:

There is a tax of 10% of the value above $10.000 USD payable, which is often split between the buyer and seller.

Income Taxes:

Belizean residents are taxed a flat 25% on their income above $10.000 USD, however, income thru an International Business Company, or income for non-residents, are not taxable in Belize.

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