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  1. What does France have to offer? What's special about it?

Well the landscapes are fantastic, the food and wines listed by Unesco and if you come to Languedoc you have 320 sunny days on average with easy access to the coast, rivers, lakes and the Natural Park of High Languedoc.

  1. Have property prices risen or fallen in the last 12 months or have they bottomed out?

At the beginning of the year prices remained stagnant - neither going up or down - but since May it looks like the market has picked up, which is promising for those thinking of investing in the near future.

  1. Does property in France represent good value for the investor and if so, why?

Absolutely. For the price of a villa with a pool in the Languedoc region, you would get a one-bedroom apartment in London.

Also, following the subprime crisis and subsequent debt crisis in Greece, prices have fallen 30 % since 2008. To invest now is perfect because the euro is weak, although prices will soon start going up again.

France is also a low-risk destination for property investment, with a very secure purchase system in place.

  1. From which country do you find the majority of your property buyers are coming from? Has this changed significantly over the last 5 years?

We have always had clients from the UK and this hasn't changed apart from the fact that improving confidence in the British economy is currently boosting buyer numbers. We also have many Swedish, Australian and American clients too and while the Euro is weak we will continue attracting clients from outside the Eurozone.

  1. Do you believe the French Government is actively encouraging or discouraging foreigners into buying property? How and why?

I would think there is nothing to discourage foreigners to buy in France although neither is there active encouragement to purchase. In France in fact, a foreigner can buy a house at the same cost as a French citizen but when it comes to selling, a foreigner has much less tax to pay.

The French have additional capital gains of 19 % to pay the social taxes which don't apply to foreigners. The government is investing time and money in the economy and if the economy improves, it will be beneficial to the property market as both domestic and foreign buying activity will increase.

Annual taxes on properties are quite low in France compared with UK for example, another very positive incentive to buy.

  1. What attracted you to selling property in the region?

I used to live abroad, (2 years in the UK, 9 years in Belgium) and I always wanted to come back to France where I was born, mainly for the climate (Languedoc is sunny all year around), but also for the quality of life (food, local producers everywhere, wines, high quality low cost of living).

  1. What advice would you give property owners in your area now who are thinking of selling up?

To finish any works to the property to make them attractive and to leave us a set of keys as we get lots of "last minute" viewings or appointments with foreigners coming when they can, rather than when the vendors are available. It's important to list your property at the right price and not to overprice which wastes time all round. Today a house that is not priced correctly simply will not sell.

  1. What's the biggest benefit for investors of buying in your country over anywhere else?

When you buy in France you get security of investment and with euro weakness, it's a good time to invest in terms of property price, particularly for non-euro investors. Apart from that, France is an ideal place for a holiday home or to retire and has easy access to airports, with plenty of low-cost flights to most destinations.

  1. What sets you apart from other Estate Agency firms in France?

Our 9-person team is fluent in English. We've been in business since 1995 and the service we provide to our international clients is adapted so that they get full assistance in English, not only during the property purchase but also in relation to all their needs when moving to France for the first time. We are experienced; we know the needs of our English clients and those of all other nationalities we have the pleasure of dealing with.

  1. Why is Languedoc so popular?

Languedoc is ideally placed in the sunniest part of France, just 2 hours from Barcelona and Toulouse and close to the coast, rivers, lakes, and the splendid French countryside. Here, we enjoy a Mediterranean climate and our villages are surrounded by vineyards and olive trees etc.. It is also home to the most local producers in France and is where there is an abundance of produce including wine, cheese, sausages, oysters and fruits among others.

The cost of dining out at fine restaurants and for life in general is quite affordable compared to Provence for example. The annual taxes on properties are even lower in this part of France than in others. It is ideal, no?

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