House Moving, the Environmentally Friendly Way


House Moving, the Environmentally Friendly Way

Moving is always stressful. There are so many things to do before and after the move that its environmental impact is often the last thing on your mind. But the fact is, moving has a huge carbon footprint and affects the environment in more ways than one. If green living is important to you, check out the below tips to ensure that you make the transition to a new life in a green and environmentally friendly way.

Reduce clutter

Any family that has lived in the same house for many years would have naturally accumulated a great deal of unwanted stuff. From dusty, old bikes lying in the corner of your garage to brand, new clothes that you’ve never worn and don’t plan to wear ever, you know that you’ve got your fair share of clutter too!

If you want your move to be environmentally friendly, you should first get rid of all the things that you don’t need. If you have items that are still in good condition, try to sell them on OLX, eBay or Quickr, or donate them to a charity nearby.

The lesser the items you have to pack, the fewer the packing boxes and the lesser the packing materials you will need. You can also hire a smaller moving truck to transport your possessions, which means lesser fuel consumption and lesser carbon dioxide emissions.

Reuse and recycle

Any move, whether it is just across the city or to a new state, generates a huge amount of waste in the form of cardboard boxes, plastic and bubble wrap, and so on.

If you are doing the packing yourself, make use of what you already have. Pack as many items as possible in your suitcases and bags. If you need more boxes, rent or buy reusable packing boxes made of plastic. Hopefully, you will be able to save at least one tree from being cut down to make more cardboard boxes that will eventually end up contributing to our landfills.

If you have to pack your fragile items like glassware or china, don’t buy brand new packing materials or bubble wrap. Instead use newspapers, towels, blankets, bed sheets or old clothes. They provide strong cushion and protection for your items against breakage, and come to think about it, you had to pack them anyway!

Hire eco-friendly movers

Many moving companies have lately introduced green moving solutions to woo their eco-conscious customers. Some of them provide reusable packing boxes on rent, while others buy back packing boxes at a discounted price after the move. The use of reusable and recyclable packing materials, such as fabric sheets, is also on the rise among movers.

Moving companies can contribute to a better environment by using vehicles that are more fuel-efficient and have lesser emissions. Some companies also have the required infrastructure to move the belongings of two or more customers at the same time in the same vehicle. So when looking for a moving company, try to find one who believes in the same green values that you do. Happy moving!

Author Bio:
Kurt Jacobson is a content manager at RentFinder. He is obsessive compulsive when it comes to organizing things in the house. He also loved maximizing the space and he helped people living in small space to make the most out of it.



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